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It’s around 1 am, and the notification appears on my screen stating my friend of 16 years is live on Instagram. For a while, we haven’t been able to connect, with the two of us being in different points of our lives, so I decided to drop in and see how she’s been doing. Turns out, she’s carved her own little corner of the internet dedicated to healing and guiding people using Light Language.

What is Light Language?

Light Language is a spiritual language that is used for healing through sound, self-empowerment, and co-creating reality. Instead of using just your ears, it uses your mind and your eyes to join all of your senses in understanding, making it the language of the soul. When it comes to the production or perception of this spiritual language, people can speak in tongues, dance, or sing. Many instances of light language being used for healing can date back to the Egyptians and be found throughout Native American culture.


How does it manifest, and what is it used for?

People seek out light language healing for multiple different reasons. Some people seek it out for anxiety, depression, guidance on love, fear respondents, or even as a way to focus on a past life they have lived. When it comes to these subconscious patterns, the healing takes form in what is very similar to sleep affirmations. It can come in waves from the healer’s sounds, songs, or movements to a specific body part.


Can anyone do it? How can you even tell if it works? 

For it to work, you have to be open. For many months, Hailey said she felt nothing, but two months ago, she posted a Tiktok about what she was feeling—something had happened. A few people that had stumbled across her page said they felt like they were having something pulled out of them when she went live. Another light language user stated that they sometimes need to perform some specific movements, as they can feel an energetic parasite of sorts on certain people. 


Is this all talk? My Two Readings

During the first reading I was given by Hailey, she said that I had a hollow pain in my shoulder. I did have a previous injury there that I had treated a few months back, which caused her to feel such immense anxiety coming from my body that she couldn’t stop shaking. 

Reading number 2 took place with Hailey and another light language person named Walter. He was really digging in deep for me. He knew, I don’t quite know how, that I always build up a wall in a way to stop myself from having a mental breakdown when things get tough, like when my Nana was sent to the hospital last weekend. He also told me I need to stretch and force myself to be more open and talk more. He said I have a blockage of some sort that makes me research and look around because I am lost in a way and need to find my way using the spirit guides. They also brought up some information about my best friend who I have been super worried about.

Whether you believe in light language or not, the two readings I had were quite crazy. Things that none of my friends knew about were brought up—even things that could not be found on social media. It was eye opening. The Instagram live stream I attended included readings for multiple people. Each person that came to the live show received their individual reading and seemed to feel more at peace after it was explained to them what was going on. You can find the two people who read me at: walterhughes23 and hayyball on Instagram, or walterhughes23 and haileythompson110 on Tiktok.

I am an MSU senior studying Linguistics and Media/Information. I am minoring in TESOL and Korean in hopes of going abroad to teach and visit my friends that all live internationally.
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