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Lessons and Things I Hope to Experience in My 20s

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As a 21 year old, I already feel like I’ve experienced so much in this new decade of my life. Although I feel like I’ve already experienced so much in these past two  years as a person in their 20s, there’s so much more I have in mind to experience. Here’s a short and sweet list of 10 lessons and things I hope to experience in my 20s.

1. Invest In quality relationships

I’m so excited to meet many new people over these next few years as I emerge into a new era of my life post grad. With that being said, I definitely want to prioritize and put my energy into good quality relationships where effort is reciprocated on both sides.

2. Travel to as many places as I can

There’s so many countries that are on my bucket list to travel to, and my 20s are the perfect time to do it before I plan to settle down. Nothing makes me happier than traveling, especially with my close friends and family.

3. Do something I’ve been scared to do

I used to be very resistant to change, and would often stick to things I know without going out of my comfort zone every once in a while. Recently, I’ve really pushed myself to try new things that I wouldn’t normally do, and it’s an incredible feeling in the end.

4. Say yes to every opportunity

Now that I’m about to graduate, I’m really proud of myself for adopting this mindset towards the beginning of the school year. I really wanted to take my last year in college to try everything that I haven’t yet done, and I’ll definitely carry this mindset with me post grad.

5. Attend a music festival

I love music and getting together with friends to have a good time, so a music festival is the perfect way to combine the two. I definitely want to attend a music festival over these next few years, and put together fun and unique outfits that I wouldn’t normally wear everyday.

6. Learn a new sport

Growing up, I was involved in gymnastics and cheerleading, but I always wanted to pick up another team sport that is played in a more social and group setting. Some I’ve been interested in include tennis or pickleball, which are perfect options for  warm days outside with friends.

7. Fly first class

Flying first class is definitely an expensive experience, but I’ve always wanted to experience it at least once in my life. I don’t think I’d necessarily shell out the money to buy a ticket myself, but I would love to use flight points or test my luck with getting an upgrade at some point.

8. Stay in a bungalow in a tropical place

One place that’s been on my list to travel to at some point is Bali, Indonesia. Although Bali has a number of luxurious options for places to stay during your visit, I’ve always been drawn to staying in a bungalow. It’s such a unique place to stay that you won’t have many opportunities to stay in while visiting other places.

9. Manage my finances wisely

I really want to use my 20s to prioritize budgeting my money wisely. I would also like to learn how to properly invest my money to set myself up for success in the long run. By managing my finances wisely, I can save adequately so that I can use some of it to do the things that I love.

10. Get a meaningful tattoo

I’ve been on and off about getting a tattoo for the past few years, so I definitely want to bite the bullet one day and get one. I really would like to get a tattoo that symbolizes something meaningful when the idea comes to my mind.

Your 20s are the best time of your life to try new things you’ve never done before. These are the years where you can be bold, make mistakes, and learn important life lessons to carry on with your life.

Nikita Shetti is a Senior at Michigan State University studying Applied Engineering Sciences with a concentration in Supply Chain Management. She is an avid dog lover, who also enjoys travelling and trying new foods.