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The Last Month of the Semester: Told By “Parks and Recreation”

When real life is rushing up on you:

Every time you read a paragraph in a school book:

Every single Sunday when you know another week is about to happen:

Every time you see the rare dog on campus:

When you wake up hungover and need water:

When you’re sitting in class and it’s sunny and warm outside:

When you walk out of an exam you didn’t study for:

When you’re trying to convince your friend to leave the pregame and go to the bar:

When you’re thinking about how much you love your friends and how excited you are for summer:

When you drink a glass of water and eat a piece of fruit:

When your friends ask you to go to a darty even though you have to study:

When you stay up until 3:00 a.m. watching Netflix and have class at 8:00 am:

When you have two papers due in one day:

When you and your friends drink only coffee to stay focused to study but haven’t had a glass of water in three days:

When you’re in the library and everyone wants to go home:

When the semester is finally over:

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