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As someone who has recently gotten into knitting and the knitting community, finding an outlet that is accessible and helpful is incredibly important. I have found two blogs especially helpful to fostering my love for knitting.

1. Sophie: The Knit Purl Girl

Blog link: https://the-knit-purl-girl.com/

Sophie is a relatively new knitter who creates patterns, writes yarn and pattern reviews and discusses various other knitting-related topics on her blog. Her writing style is very accessible and her conversational tone makes you want to keep reading. As a beginner knitter, I discovered her blog off her Instagram (@the_knit_purl_girl), and I learned so much about the differences between different types of yarn, knitting patterns, and slow fashion. Not only does she stay current with the topics she writes about, but her pieces are always well-researched and informative.

2. Jeanette: New Wave Knitting

Blog Link: https://www.newwaveknitting.com/blog

Though Jeanette includes plenty of knitting-focused content with plenty of tips and tricks, she has broadened the scope of her blog beyond technical knitting information. She discusses sustainability, fostering a fun, positive environment in the fiber arts community at large, and her own experiences of using knitting as a creative outlet and therapeutic hobby. Now, she creates her own patterns while also publishing several pieces on sustainability and various other topics relevant to the fiber art community. I personally loved reading her piece on knitting history and its perception by the general public as a “feminine” hobby meant for elderly women (you can read it here). She incorporates opinions and interviews from several other members of the community into her pieces as well, which gives her blog a unique perspective.

Best of luck to those interested in pursuing a hobby in the fiber art community!

Hi! My name is Sravani Sunkara, and I am a freshman at Michigan State University studying human biology and bioethics. In my free time, I run, bake, hammock, and volunteer as a junior EMT at my local rescue station.