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Major: English

Minor(s): Sociology, Women’s and Gender Studies

Hometown: Warren, MI

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Kelsi, when did you join Her Campus?

I joined in January of 2020, which was the winter of my freshman year.

What was your experience like?

In my time with Her Campus, I have been a staff writer, an assistant editor, editor-in-chief, and now campus correspondent and president. My favorite parts have been writing and publishing weirdly niche articles about topics only I care about, and being able to meet and work with so many talented writers and people in our chapter and beyond.

During your time at MSU, were you involved in any other clubs?

I’ve also been involved with the Red Cedar Review, and I am a club coordinator currently!

What was your favorite class you took at MSU, and why?

My favorite class was Advanced Poetry Writing with Dr. Divya Victor. I entered college never having seriously written a poem before, and I’m going to leave it as a passionate poet and consumer of others’ poetry as well. That class really changed how I see myself as a writer, and I think I did some of my best work there.

What are your plans for after graduation?

My dream is to be an author. I love writing fiction, and my favorite genres are mystery and thrillers, so I hope to work with those disciplines. I also plan on working in editing and publishing in the meantime. I really want to be a part of bringing important pieces to print.

What has been your favorite place to get food in East Lansing?

My best friend and I love Campbell’s Market on Grand River. It’s the cutest little place to get sandwiches, soups, and really great coffee.

If you could offer any advice to incoming freshmen, what would you say?

Remember to have fun. I had a ton of great experiences in college and certainly don’t have any regrets, but I was so worried about my GPA for a really long time that I forgot I was supposed to be having fun every once in a while. Grades are important, but so are your happiness and memories!

Where can people find you?

I have some other articles on Study Breaks ( https://studybreaks.com/author/kelsi-karpinski-michigan-state-university/) and my Instagram is @kelsikarpinski (https://www.instagram.com/kelsikarpinski/?hl=en)

Thanks Kelsi, and congratulations on your upcoming graduation! GO GREEN!

Hannah is studying English Creative Writing at Michigan State University. She is passionate about art, poetry, good food, and working toward a sustainabile future.
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