This Isn’t The Notebook. Trust Me.

I went into college totally expecting to meet my soulmate— don’t make fun of me. While others were fresh out of their high school relationships excited to be free, I was tired of being single. Despite my independent, feminist exterior, I was a hopeless romantic. I thought my freshman year was going to be like the movies, but this is East Lansing— this is NOT the movies.

Dates— We Don’t Know Them

I’m not saying you never will go on a date. There’s just a good chance you never will go on a nice one. We aren’t all trust fund babies. Most of us are broke, humble college kids hoping we have enough money for a wrap from Conrad’s on Friday night. Just bring candles to Brody and call it a day.

Most People Want to Be Single 

Roughly 50,000 people go to Michigan State. Most people don’t want to commit to the first person they meet. There are options upon options (not always the best ones, but you get the point). Have fun.

Shoot Your Shot

It is 2020. If you think a guy is attractive, DM him. Give him your snap. What do you have to lose? With this said, we shoot our shot— we don’t go for the rebound.

If Someone Wants to Talk to You, They Will

Can we all collectively agree to stop making excuses for when a guy doesn’t snap us back? We are all autonomous human beings. If someone is not talking to you, they just don’t want to. He’s probably not that into you. Life goes on.

Don’t Force Anything

I’m all for going after what you want, but some things you’ve got to let occur naturally. You can’t force a guy to like you. Similarly speaking, you can’t force yourself to like a guy. And just because a physical attraction is present, doesn’t mean an emotional one is going to follow.

Be Careful Who You Talk To

Michigan State is a lot smaller than you may think. Avoid talking to multiple guys within the same friend group, team, frat, etc. And if he ever says he wants to keep what you two are doing a secret, you probably shouldn’t be doing it.

Don’t Be Afraid to Disappoint Anyone

You are in control of your actions. Act in a way that aligns with your soul. Don’t worry about disappointing guys— just don’t disappoint yourself.

You Probably Won’t Meet Your Soulmate

Maybe you’re the exception, but for the vast majority, the love of your life probably is not in your IAH class. It’s fine. Your time will come. 

For now, focus on what you do have: wonderful friends, the perfect place to find your passion, and yourself— the most rewarding, exciting, humbling love story of all.