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Is Olaplex Safe to Use?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

If you follow any type of hair-loving social media, you probably have heard rumors that the EU banned Olaplex, or that Olaplex will make you infertile! So, what’s real, what’s fake, and most important of all, what is safe? 

In March 2022, the EU banned a specific ingredient in all cosmetics and products – butylphenyl methylpropional. The EU determined that butylphenyl methylpropional, also known as Lilial, was harmful to reproductive health. Lilial was present in Olaplex no. 3.

Before this was even announced, Olaplex stopped production and distribution of Olaplex no. 3. They reformulated the product in order to pass EU safety regulations and sell it in the EU. Many people were worried they only reformulated products distributed in the EU due to the ban, but that the US products would still be produced with this chemical. We can all take a sigh of relief because Olaplex made the formula change universally, meaning Lilial will not be present in any product.

What about the Olaplex sitting on your bathroom counter right now? Is it safe? People wanted to know if they needed to throw out their favorite product or if they should be concerned about their reproductive health after years of use. 

Soon after the EU’s announcement, Olaplex released social media posts to explain many things and settle the public panic. Olaplex stated that there were only minimal amounts of Lilial in Olaplex no. 3 and that it was so minuscule that it was still safe to use the product on your shelf. That being said, all products produced and distributed in 2022 do not include Lilial so if you are anxious about this, you can always head to Ulta to grab a new bottle. 

Olaplex no. 3 is and has always been safe. Even though this product contained an ingredient banned by the EU, its trace amounts don’t put consumers in harm’s way. But, it’s good to know that manufacturers remedied the concern. No. 3 no longer contains Lilial in the EU and across the world. 

So, you can still enjoy Olaplex and give your hair the TLC it needs after all the playing around and bleach we did during quarantine. (Don’t be embarrassed, we all did it!) 

Avery is a senior a Michigan State University majoring in PR and minoring in graphic design. She is passionate about content creation, art, fashion, and body positivity.