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I Tried Bumble BFF- Here’s What Happened

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

The Introvert 

When offered the opportunity to try out Bumble BFF and write about my experience using it, I was pretty excited. The idea sounded amazing: talk to some girls and make some friends. I’m the epitome of the girl who just kept all her friends from high school and didn’t really branch out in college. I had always been introverted and being the capricorn I am, I’d easily choose a night in doing some work over going out and socializing. It always felt like every time I tried to make a friend, it was so surface level because I’m so shy! So, I was looking forward to using Bumble BFF because doing things online is just so much easier. 

Swipe Right!

As I started navigating the app, I noticed something: I was more nervous and stressed about trying to make girl friends than I had ever been using dating apps. I mean, men just seemed so much simpler to start off the conversation with – or I’d least that’s what was ingrained in my head. I wanted to make friends so badly that I couldn’t even think of anything to say and therefore avoided swiping for the first three days. When I did start swiping on day 4, I was so surprised at the outcome. It was way easier to make friends that I had thought. I learned that a lot of us are in the same boat: we’re all just trying to make connections in the world. Bumble BFF made it so easy to just swipe, send a quick message about an interesting aspect of someone’s profile, and get to talking! If anything, I was almost regretful that I hadn’t tried Bumble BFF sooner. 

Final Thoughts

I made some really great connections on the app and found that there are so many people out there looking for friends too. I love how the app has a profile for everyone where you can see what you have in common with potential BFFs, giving you automatic talking points. I also think my experience with the app transferred over into my daily life, and I’ve been more open to socializing with and talking to other people in person. I definitely believe I can get a few best friends thanks to Bumble. 

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