I Sent "TikTok" Surveys to My Past Crushes...Here's How They Responded.

Being bold could describe me in almost any situation. From asking the cute waiter for his number to cliff jumping in Mexico, I’m always up for an adventure and an adrenaline rush. When I saw the TikTok trend where people sent a survey to their crushes to find out if their feelings were ever reciprocated, I knew I wanted to do the same. Less than twenty minutes later, my survey was ready. 

Even with my somewhat fearless personality, sending out the survey to these guys was one of the most nerve-racking things I’ve done all summer. Primarily because I asked all the guys who participated to be completely honest and told them that I wouldn’t be offended by their answers. The survey consisted of questions like “what is my best quality?” “did you ever have feelings for me?” and “rate my personality.” Although some of the questions might seem superficial, as a single sophomore in college, these are the things I’m genuinely curious about. 

However, as the responses started to come in, I realized that their answers were amazing for so many reasons. To the question of whether the guys have ever had feelings for me, all said they had to some degree. As far as the guys rating my attractiveness and personality, all the responses ranged from 8-10 on a scale of 1-10 (a real ego booster, I might say). I also asked if they knew I had feelings for them, and for the most part, they responded with the choice “it was obvious” thus proving my point that I am a pretty bold person. But the answer that surprised me the most was the part of the survey without a real question. At the end of the survey, I left a space for the guys to leave any final thoughts. I questioned if any of them would even take the time to write anything, but they ALL did. Some said sweet, silly things like “I wished we talked more” or “puppies,” while others replied more mysteriously, saying, “see you soon ;)” or “wonder if you still have a crush.” All I have to say is where was this kind of energy when I had a crush on you fools?

Upon reflection, the most fascinating part of this experience is that the guys who filled out this survey were people I've had crushes on at all different points in my life. From the fifth grade heartbreaker to the guy I still wish would ask me out, I was able to see how they truly felt about me. If you are curious about the responses you might get, I say create a survey and send it out. All the guys told me that it wasn't weird or awkward to take since it was such a bold move; they said it was fun and different.

Being bold can definitely be tricky, but taking little risks like this makes life interesting, especially since it's 2020, and there's not much to do otherwise. Make this your hot girl summer.