How to Trust the Universe

I didn’t always trust the universe. As a matter of fact, I’m only now starting to see how the world works in a mysterious way in order to keep us on the journey we are meant to be on, while also allowing us our own will-power. It truly is a magical process but as humans, we find it hard to believe what we can’t see. We must learn the importance of feeling instead. I started trusting the universe because I learned the significance of feeling rather than always seeing. We don’t need physical proof to know something is real.

Humans overanalyze the small details of life, but life works in a much different way than we expect. The creation of life works on a larger scale. As humans, we don’t have the capability to know what is coming next, but we must know the small details we notice in life are all significant to the larger picture that we can’t see right away. That larger picture is our future, and this is why it is hard for us to understand why certain things happen in the world and in our own lives. These circumstances may include our own mistakes as well. This is where trust comes in— once you trust that there is a larger picture at hand, you can trust what you don’t know yet.

The four steps I’m going to share are the steps I took in order to fully trust the universe. I developed each of these practices and thoughts over time. It took practice to condition my mind to analyze the circumstances the universe gave to me in a healthy way. Patience and effort is key.


1. Give Purpose to Everything in Your Life

Good things happen. Good things happen to everyone. With that being said, bad things happen too. It’s a part of our journey of growth. The insignificant aspects or bad aspects that come into our lives have meaning. It’s all in order to put us on the right path through our own choices— it’s about learning. A quote that rings very true to me states, “It’s more important to grow than to be happy." Look at your life and all the circumstances that happen and try studying how each of these happenstances could somehow connect to one another and always ask yourself: “What did I learn from this? How did I grow?”


2. Define the Truths that Cannot be Taken Away from You

As humans, we experience loss. It’s a natural part of life. We lose jobs, we lose material things and we lose people— but there are certain parts of us, as  spiritual beings, that can never be taken from us. I believe these to be the truths of the universe. Define your truths that cannot be robbed from you. I have found mine to be faith, spirit and love. These are rooted deep in my soul and they will never be taken from me. The most magical aspect to these truths is that, in the end, these are all you need.   


3. Stay Rooted

The only person you have with you every moment for the rest of your is yourself, so it is crucial to have a good relationship with yourself. You must believe in yourself and have faith in your abilities. When something goes wrong, stay calm. Don’t put yourself in a dangerous mind-set when you think you have lost control. Love every part of yourself and trust yourself. When you can trust yourself you can trust the universe— after all, you are a part of it.


4. Surrender

Surrender. Surrender to yourself, to the universe and to love. We all think we know what we need in this life, but the truth is, we don’t know. We don’t always know what we need. Surrender to what you think you need. It’s okay to have expectations, but expect that things won’t always go the way you thought— and that’s okay. Love and let go and be still with the idea of not controlling everything that happens in your life.