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There are many ways people can express themselves through how they dress, what makeup they wear, and how they style their hair. The fragrance people choose to wear is a much more subtle and intimate way of relieving the type of person they are. Starting their fragrance journey as teens, women often start with light, flowery scents. As they age, they progress to designer and heavier perfumes. People can take these four steps to find and discover their signature scent.

Understand Your Preferences

Start by understanding what scents they naturally gravitate towards. They may prefer vanilla over floral or vice versa. Once people establish their likes and dislikes, it will be easier to pinpoint what scent they specifically like. There are many options of fragrances out there and several of them combine different scents. Viktor&Rolf is one of many perfume brands, but they have several leading scents that are loved by many. For those who prefer vanilla and floral scents, Flowerbomb is a great option. It has hints of jasmine and rosebuds and is accented by vanilla and peony. For those who prefer amber and floral scents, Flowerbomb Tiger Lily is a fabulous choice. It has hints of coconut milk, tiger lily, mango, and benzoin. 

Visit Fragrance Counters

Fragrance counters at department stores or specialty fragrance stores are a great place to start to try different scents out. People can sample different scents all at once and talk through their scent preferences with sales associates. It’s important for people to take their time sampling different perfumes and colognes. Don’t rush the process; people should allow themselves to experience each scent before moving to the next. 

People should test the scent on their skin, as it can smell different on the skin compared to a testing strip. They should spray a small amount of the fragrance on their wrist and let it sit for a few hours to see how it develops and interacts with their body’s chemistry. People should also take note of their reactions by paying attention to how each fragrance makes them feel. Their signature scent should make them feel confident and comfortable. If small samples are available at fragrance counters people should take some they like and try a new one each day to see which one they prefer before buying an expensive full-size bottle.

Ask for Recommendations

People shouldn’t hesitate to have conversations with friends, family, or fragrance experts about scents. If they like a scent someone else is wearing, they should ask them what it is as it could certainly be a good option. The likelihood of them liking that scent after smelling it on someone else is high as they may feel inspired to wear it. Asking others for recommendations may allow people to get suggestions that they wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

Consider the Occasion

It’s important for people to think about all the places they will be wearing their fragrance. They may need something for everyday wear or something for special occasions. Some scents are more appropriate for certain situations than others. Just as some can be overbearing, especially if people spray too much of it on. People should trust their instincts when determining what fragrance is right for them. They should choose a fragrance that resonates with them on a personal level.

To discover their signature scent, people should take each of these steps into consideration as they can help them narrow down their options. Their signature scent should reflect their personality and style, so they should go with what feels right for them. Viktor&Rolf is a reputable brand with several signature scents that just might work for them. 

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