How to Throw a Killer Friendsgiving

Thanksgiving is a fun holiday, mainly because you get a break from school and you get to eat all day without guilt. However, it can be draining to answer unwanted questions from family members and talk about issues that you disagree on. Friendsgiving solves this - have a separate Thanksgiving with your friends where you can talk about politics freely and listen to music the adults would find abhorrent. Here are some tips on how to throw a an awesome Friendsgiving!

1. Make a really great playlist

Pick a music theme for your party! It could be relaxing and autumn-inspired, club-like, Disney Channel nostalgic, Christmas music -- basically anything you can think of. Pick songs that you and your friends will sing along to!

2. Plan a menu beforehand and have guests bring sides

Plan ahead of time what you’re going to make. Send an e-vite out to your friends or make a Facebook group, include the menu and have everyone pick a dish to make and bring. This will same a significant amount of time, money and stress for you.

3. Make some food ahead of time and time everything out the day of

If you are making a lot of food, make some of it the day before and plan out the times that you’ll put everything in the oven on the day of. This will make things run more smoothly and you’ll be happy you’re not scrambling at the last minute and cramming everything in the oven.

4. Make a signature drink for your guests to drink

Make some sort of big punch in a bowl or something along that lines for everyone to enjoy - it doesn’t need to be alcoholic! Here is a cool (non-alcoholic) Thanksgiving-inspired drink to try! And of course, fun alcoholic drinks are encouraged.

5. Think of some fun drinking games

Drinking games are very low-maintenance, as activities go. You don’t have to plan or organize for them, and they’re a blast. Everyone is sure to have fun and you won’t have to stress about planning any games or crafts (although you could!)

6. Don’t make a seating chart

I once had friends who tried to make a seating chart for their Friendsgiving and it didn’t go well. Have everyone mingle and talk to one another without any pressure -- it will be a more chill and relaxing party this way!

7. Have subtle decorations

You definitely don’t have to go all out on decorations. Use leftover pumpkins you have from Halloween, light some candles, or don’t have any decorations specifically for Friendsgiving and leave your full-blown Christmas decorations that are already up (I’m guilty of this!)

8. Send leftovers home with your guests

Having tons of leftovers takes up too much space in your fridge. It gets old to eat the leftovers every day for the next week or two, or it will just go to waste. Have everyone take leftovers so you aren’t left with too much!

9. Don’t stress out and have fun!

Friendsgiving can be very stressful, with all the food and planning and money. Just relax, don’t get stressed when things so awry and have fun! It’s meant to be less stressful and more relaxing than Thanksgiving, so make sure it fills its purpose!