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How To Survive The Last Few Weeks of the Semester

I read on Twitter that going to school between Thanksgiving and Christmas break feels like the last lap in Mario Kart, when you’re in first and then you get hit with the blue shell, people start passing you, the music gets really fast and loud, and everything gets stressful. I could’ve never used a more accurate description. The amount of assignments due increases exponentially, the weather gets shitty, and of course, FINALS! As a senior, I’ve gone through this a few times, so here are some tips on how to survive this time:


Get organized

First and foremost, you need to get your assignments and exams in check. To do this, I use the app Power Planner, which is an app that you can download on any platform- computer, iPhone, Android, etc.-  and add your schedule, color-code your classes, and set alarms to remind you of upcoming projects. You can also use a regular agenda or calendar. I also recommend going through the syllabus of each of your classes to confirm when things are due.

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Start studying and reviewing early

I cannot emphasize this enough. The earlier you start, the less you have to cram the night before. I recommend getting your notes together a week before your exam, and start creating study guides, or if you’re lucky enough, just go through the study guides the professors provide for you. I know that during the week before finals a lot of professors assign projects, however, it’s good to at least just look over your notes.


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Don’t pull an all-nighter

I know it’s tempting but TRUST me, it is not worth it. There are several studies that show that pulling all-nighters is horrible for you overall, and it will actually lead you to do worse on the exam. For example, during sleep, your brain converts short-term memory into long-term memory, which is not possible to do during an all-nighter since you’re not sleeping. Another effect of all-nighters is a lack of concentration and tiredness which leads to worse exam results. I suggest getting at least 4 hours of sleep before your exam.

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Study with friends

I know this year is hard, but you can always get on Zoom and study with friends. For me, seeing other people study motivates me to study, and it always helps to study for a test with someone that’s in the same class to share answers, tips, and motivation.

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Know when to take a break

Lastly, it’s important to take breaks. I can only stay focused for so long, so I study for 30 minutes then take a break by drinking some tea, talking to a friend, going on my phone, watching a show, working out, or taking a warm shower to relax.

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I would like to give you all a strong virtual hug, and I hope you finish this semester strong and focused. While it has been a difficult, stressful, and different semester, we are ALMOST done! You got this! GOOD LUCK!





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