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How To Start Your Eco-Friendly Journey

During the middle of 2020, I found myself becoming more interested in environmental awareness and sustainability. While I’ve always had an interest in these things, I actually started acting upon them only recently. There are multiple benefits of being environmentally friendly; it not only benefits the environment by reducing waste and pollution, but also allows the individual to make cost-benefitting decisions while being an active participant in their community. As a beginner myself, here are some realistic and helpful ways to start your journey in becoming more eco-friendly! 


This is surprisingly not done by many people. In fact, my family had only seriously started participating last year. Simply organizing your trash and recycling plastics, cans, paper, etc. is the first and easiest way to start your eco-friendly journey. Start by having two or more containers to separate your trash between recyclables and waste. Most communities offer recycling pickup; however, if this is not true for yours, simply find the nearest recycling center — you can do this through a simple Google search — that accepts recyclables. Depending on the center or community pickup’s requirements, sort your trash accordingly.

Metal Straws

I always thought metal straws were just another basic trend circling the internet, but when I actually got them, I found myself reaching for them more often than I thought I would. Having these at home comes in handy whenever you need to sip on anything. Moreover, they’re aesthetically pleasing and can come in all types of colors, styles, and sizes to allow for portability. Cleaning is easy, and you do not have to invest in plastic straws everytime. 

Reusable Ziploc Bags

This is by far the best investment I’ve made. I would always be bothered by how much plastic waste was produced daily just from lunches or storing food. Reusable Ziploc bags are not only durable but can also be continuously washed and reused for all your possible needs from food or storage. It cuts down waste and is a practical item to add to add to your pantry!

Switch to Paper Instead of Plastic

This simple change can be very environmentally beneficial. Paper biodegrades much faster than plastic; hence, it can be a great substitute for plastics commonly used around the house such as grocery bags,wrappings, etc. 

And there you have it! These are just some ways to jump start your journey to being more environmentally conscious and active in your community. Always remember to stay aware of what's happening in your environment and how it will affect you; if needed, do a little more research on why waste and plastics can be harmful to the environment and you. Hope these tips help!

Bhavya is the head of social media and is an assistant editor for MSU's chapter of Her Campus. She is a sophomore majoring Genomics and Molecular Genetics with a minor in Environment and Health. Her writing interests include: lifestyle, beauty, health, and wellness.
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