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How to Mix Prints


Mixing prints is one of the hottest trends, and when done properly is incredibly chic. However, this is one trend that can go horribly wrong. There are a few different aspects to mixing prints that keep it from clashing. The first is to be aware of your figure and how it works with the print. Small prints tend to look better on petite figures where large prints will overwhelm your small frame. If have a curvy figure stick with larger prints that will balance out your body and not add mass that small prints will.

        Another trick to mixing prints is to add in a solid piece, pick a neutral color out of the pattern and add it in. If you are doing a skirt and cardigan both in different patterns try using a solid shirt. If you are wearing patterned pants and a patterned blouse try a solid cover, or layering solid colored camis underneath. This will allow the outfit to work together without being overwhelming. Remember this when accessorizing. Choose colors out of the print, but try and stick to one or two, don’t use every color in the pattern.

        If you are still afraid to try mixing patterns right away ease into with one print and a similar accessory. Or try mixing textures, like a tribal print skirt with a crocheted top


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