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Emily in Paris. (L to R) Lily Collins as Emily, Ashley Park as Mindy in episode 209 of Emily in Paris
Emily in Paris. (L to R) Lily Collins as Emily, Ashley Park as Mindy in episode 209 of Emily in Paris
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How I Deal with Long Distance Friendships

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

Growing up in a small community in Northern Michigan, I was constantly surrounded by my friends and family. Since I was a child, my closest friends were only a 10 minute drive away. As we grew up, we knew that we would all go off to college or something bigger than our little town. Today, one of those friends also attends Michigan State University with me, but our other friend goes to school at Loyola University Chicago. Our drive from MSU to Loyola to visit him is a four hour drive or train ride away. 

As I’m entering my third year of college, I’ve learned some things that help me maintain my long distance, and sometimes short distance, friendships. In any relationship, communication is key. I constantly try to talk with my friends about anything that is going on in our lives. Some recent examples of this are how our classes are going and any family or other friend drama. When I talk with them, it can remind me of the times we spent together at one of our houses gossiping and figuring out our issues. When texts or Snapchats start to feel boring, I call or FaceTime them. This can make a two-hour conversation feel like 30 minutes. 

Another thing I try to do, especially with my friend that goes to MSU, is see her as much as possible. We often go on coffee dates, study together, and go out on the weekends. Although it is easy to see one of my friend’s whenever I want, I can’t see the other as much. Sometimes, you need to make the decision to go visit your long-distance friend or have them come to you. Last year, my long-distance friend came to MSU for the weekend to see us. This year, we took the train to Chicago to see him. Of course, this may not be a financially practical option for everyone, so figure out what works for you! 

My final piece of advice is to accept the situation. Of course, I would love to be back home and be close to my friends again. However, I know that distance is both healthy for our lives and our friendships. Dealing with the distance can be tough, especially when you miss them or need them the most. Despite this, I always remember that they are there for me no matter what, even if it’s through a screen.

Emily is an Advertising Management student attending Michigan State University. She graduated from a small school in Northern Michigan where she was a member and leader in student government, National Art Honor Society, National Honor Society, and Youth Advisory Council (Y.A.C.); serving roles in each. When she goes home for school breaks and the summer, she works as a sales associate and the social media manager for her local hardware store. She enjoys working on the store layout while in person as well as posting weekly on social media accounts to keep their customers informed of what products they have and the services they can assist with while away at college. In her free time Emily likes to attend concerts, listen to music, watch movies, go on hikes or walks, and spend time with her friends and family. She loves 80s movies and music with her favorite movie being Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. She also loves to play soccer and volleyball, playing both since she was a kid. She is excited to get the opportunity to write for Her Campus and be a part of this community.