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How To Get Through the Rest of the Semester on the Right Foot

It’s midterm season during the time of COVID-19, which means exhaustion is at its peak! Here are some ways to ensure that you push through the rest of the semester.

Manage your time well

It’s easy to start becoming distracted, as we have reached the midway point. Therefore, it’s important to remember to keep using those daily schedules and planners. Planning out your time will help ensure that you don’t burn out. In addition to this, taking breaks is important! Often we tend to overwork ourselves, and these breaks help us make sure that we are evenly balanced out.

Remember that you can always reach out

In a time of both COVID-19 and a difficult semester, mental health is #1. Remember that there are always resources that you can use such as: MSU Caps, Crisis Textline, and many others on the CDC website. Also, you can always reach out to your friends, family, or anyone else you feel comfortable talking to. Don’t be afraid to reach out!

Make a list of events you are looking forward to

During these times of struggle, it is the little things that lift our spirits up. Whether it’s a dinner date, an outing with a friend, or a weekend getaway, write it all down. When you have these dates in front of you, you will have something to look forward to. This can keep you focused since you have something fun ahead of you, encouraging you to work now and play later.

Nikita is an undergraduate student studying Neuroscience through the Lyman Briggs College at Michigan State. Additionally, she is minoring in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. During her free time she loves to hangout with friends, go for a run, volunteer, and dance.
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