How Can We Improve the World We Live In?

Today, we are living in a bleeding world due to the agony of hatred, anger, fear, frustration, and uncertainty. Many of us are disturbed about everything that is happening around us. But how do we face these turbulent times head-on and overcome them? Being a part of a diverse multicultural community like MSU, there are a couple of ways in which we can restore unity and togetherness.

Connect and stay in touch with friends and mates from MSU:

Even though not all of us are currently together physically, staying in contact with friends, especially with those from other countries, can be a valuable tool in eliminating hatred. Being in touch through social media and exchanging messages about lighthearted things can really make a difference in how we perceive the world and our stance when it comes to anti-discrimination. What a wonderful blessing to be a part of a student community like ours where all of us from different cultural, ethnic, and racial backgrounds share togetherness! When we manage so well on campus, why can't we do so everywhere?

Educate people about anti-discrimination:

In many communities we belong to, we come across people who support discrimination, including our elders. As a Desi boy, I am particularly perturbed by how racism envelops our community when it comes to skin tone and different ethnic and social groups. Even though others in our communities may have grown up in different environments where racism and discrimination were not discouraged, it is important to educate those people to help them realize why it is morally wrong. Why support discrimination?

Try not to get influenced by the media:

The media is all around us. It brings us news from both local and global sources. Hence, we are very vulnerable to what the media shows us and we tend to believe what we see. How far can the media provide true and accurate information? How far can the media appeal to our emotions and beliefs? To this effect, it is important to analyze information that the media brings to our doorstep more critically and recall our perceptions on the subject based on our own experiences. 

Consider donating to a campaign or initiative that is contributing toward anti-discrimination:

The Her Campus team at MSU is currently working on a Multimedia Magazine in support of the BLM Movement. Members are contributing in many creative ways, through things like art, poetry, and allyship. By working together and employing creative ways to express our thoughts and emotions in support of anti-discrimination, our voices can be heard. We can help reduce the spread of venom that hatred and violence brings. Moreover, creation appeals to the emotions and senses, making our voice and perspective more meaningful and heartfelt.

In many ways, we are in this together. If we want change and want peace and harmony to be restored in our communities, it is us who can make a difference. 

Are we all in for this?