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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

We are only 2.5 months into 2022 and there have already been a plethora of hot new alternative music releases. The alternative music scene seems to grow every year, each one better than the last. Every time I think an artist cannot outdo themselves again, they prove me wrong. As a seasoned alternative music fan, here are my hottest takes on my favorite releases of 2022 thus far.

1. Sweet Tooth by Mom Jeans

The 3rd full length album from California’s fast growing alternative rock band, Mom Jeans, was released in February 2022. Sweet Tooth has been a long time coming, with a merch drop for the album all the way back in winter of 2020, and the album did not disappoint. It captures the essence of what Mom Jeans’ sound is; they set their signature sound in stone with this release. Sweet Tooth is a mix of songs about heartbreak, mental health, love, friends, realizations, and much more. No song sounds like the last, and the theme of “sweet tooth” is carried through the album with song titles like “Something Sweet”, “Sugar Rush”, and “Teeth”. I have a feeling this will be my album of the year for 2022. I was so sure of it that I purchased the album on vinyl before it was even released!

2. Apocalypse Whenever by Bad Suns

The 4th full length album from California natives, Bad Suns, released in January 2022. Apocalypse Whenever was teased in spring and summer 2021, when Bad Suns released several singles with similar covers. Bad Suns never fails to produce the sound of summer with every album they release. Apocalypse Whenever is reminiscent of their debut album, Language & Perspective, in the very upbeat instrumentation and varying song meanings. The cover of Apocalypse Whenever even includes the logo from the cover of Language & Perspective faded in the background. The tracklist on Apocalypse Whenever touches on love, reminiscence, feeling alive, and self worth. The entire album is dance-around-the-livingroom worthy, and will definitely be on repeat for me all summer 2022.

3. Disposable Life by Knuckle Puck

Chicago’s own pop punk band, Knuckle Puck, released a surprise EP before the start of their Winter/Spring 2022 headlining tour. Composed of 5 tracks, Disposable Life was released in February 2022. The EP captures the band’s iconic Copacetic sound, a bit of a shift from their latest album 20/20. Disposable Life features a cover of Blink-182’s “Here’s Your Letter” to conclude the EP. Hard-hitting lyrics paired with the smoother Knuckle Puck rock sound encapsulates exactly what the band is.

4. “A Little Bit of Love” by Weezer

California rock icons, Weezer, released their single “A Little Bit of Love” in March 2022. “A Little Bit of Love” is the first single off their upcoming SZNS: Spring EP, which will be released on the spring equinox. SZNS: Spring will be the first of 4 EPs in their SZNS series. “A Little Bit of Love” has a feel good message, that might even restore your faith in humanity, at least a little. “A Little Bit of Love” strays far from their latest arena rock album Van Weezer, and leans more towards their 2021 album OK Human. With positive messages, softer strings, and unique instrumentation, “A Little Bit of Love” is helping to establish the new era of Weezer, and I really dig it.

5. “Frontline” by Unknown Neighbors

Michigan’s alternative rock band, Unknown Neighbors, released their third single in February 2022. The band showcased yet another side of their sound with “Frontline”. Their previous singles showcased strong instrumentation on “Green Light” and dramatic build ups to high intensity moments on “Lost”. “Frontline” highlights a softer side of Unknown Neighbors, while expressing the too-well-known frustration that comes with moving on. “Frontline” is the Unknown Neighbors song that gets stuck in my head the most. Without fail, every time I’ve heard it since the first time it was played in August 2021, I catch myself humming it for weeks.

6. “Signal” by Kvn Ian

Michigan native Kvn Ian released his 7th single in February 2022. “Signal” is full of down to earth lyrics and soft guitar riffs. It is the epitome of indie music. “Signal” further defines the sound that is Kvn Ian: indie rock that makes you feel alive and want to hold someone you love close. It’s reminiscent of The Beach Boys, with harmonies that catch your ear and beachy rhythms throughout. “Signal” may be the last of Kvn Ian, with a new sound and pseudonym on the way, the possibilities are endless. If “Signal” is the last of Kvn Ian, it was a fitting send off to a timeless sound.

I have a feeling 2022 is going to be a massive year for the alternative music scene. This is the proof after only 2.5 months! All of these hot new releases can be found on Spotify and Apple Music. Give them a listen and keep up with the artists if you like what you hear!

Marlana DeClaire is a senior at Michigan State University. She is studying Genomics and Molecular Genetics as well as Health Promotion. She is a plant and soil science laboratory technician at Michigan State. In her free time she writes poetry, reads, and enjoys attending concerts.