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Here’s to the Survivors of Nassars Terror

Dear Survivors,

I cannot find the words to express how much your words and candor mean. Thank you.

You have stood up to an abusive, disgusting, pathetic man — Larry Nassar. Nassar is the villain we all knew was out there but prayed we’d never be faced to battle. We are taught to be alert at night, to make sure that we walk home with friends, but we are never taught to be weary of our doctors. I am so sorry that someone you were taught to trust hurt you. I am so sorry that you had to fight this demon. I am so sorry you were silenced.

You put an end to something that should have ended so long ago. You proved to Michigan State University, USA Gymnastics, and U.S. Olympics that you are a force to be reckoned with. These institutions have failed you. How dare they continue to support their leaders! Your voices have echoed in the courtroom and now it’s time they resonate through the nation for change.

You are survivors and heroes to so many girls and women who would have fallen victim to this monster. Your testimony will never be forgotten and your impact will not go unnoticed.

This country has become so desensitized to sexual abuse but you are not alone. We believe you. We are with you. We support you. May no person fall victim to the systematic failure of medical professionals, universities, or national institutions ever again.

Your bravery and courage to come forward is inspiring. You have proven to victims of sexual abuse that justice is possible. Larry Nassar will never hurt another person again and that is because of you.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Women Everywhere

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