When I heard the words “free” and “Marshall’s gift card” so conveniently and pleasantly placed together in one sentence, I was already sold. When I next realized that there was only a brief survey to take in exchange, I was happy as a clam. Us HCMSU members had the exclusive chance to receive $25 gift cards for Marshall’s, and if you couldn’t tell, I was (still am) pretty stoked about it. I got the chance to purchase a much needed new pair of boots with the gift card. And, I was even able to buy an MSU pullover, to spoil my mom! At Marshall’s, you really can get a lot for your money.

During our HCMSU team bonding event at Noodles and Company, when we weren’t munching on delicious noodles, we were discussing the HC Survival Kit that we received from Her Campus National. Wide-eyed and feeling lucky, we all analyzed our freebies through incredulous giggles.

NYX eyeshadow/primer sticks? Yes please. Have already used mine while going out on the weekend and have been relieved to know that there’s a quicker solution to applying eyeshadow out there.

TreSemme beach spray and mousse? Also yes please. I am so excited about these because when my hair is feeling eh, and I don’t have a lot of time, these products save me so much time and effort.

Chipotle buy-one-burrito get-one-free coupons are a wonderful coupon to be given, and I intend on having many burritos.

These are just a few of the amazing gifts we received from the HC Survival Kit, and it’s safe to say that every girl at Noodles that day walked home with at least four freebies she could incessantly brag about to her friends (which I did, obviously).

Even better, though, with the extra Five Hour Energy ear buds we received, or left-over Martha Stewart coupons and glitter, we are able to orchestrate HCMSU giveaways here on campus to entice potential members and readers. By creating a raffle with the leftover HC goodies, we are able to potentially gain new members by sparking their interest and letting them in on some of the perks us HC girls have.

Our first giveaway winner, Siaira Milroy, went home with numerous Chipotle coupons, TresSemme haircare, Five Hour Energy products, Zing, NYX makeup sticks, laptop stickers and more!

Visit our next event: Wednesday, October 28 between 6-8 pm at Brody. There will be opportunities for more amazing HC Survival Kit freebies as well as fun fall-time crafting!