HC Finals Survival Kit Review

Finals week has all of us weak. I am weak, and the Her Campus Survival Kit has revived me.

Here are some wonderful solutions to finals woes:

I haven’t washed my hair in a few days, and I can’t find my hairbrush. I actually cannot even find the time to shower right now because I have an econ final in two hours.

Solution: No worries! Try some of of TRESemme’s Perfectly (Un)Done sea salt spray. It adds textures to your hair after a day at the beach or after a shower. If you’re out of time and on your way to a final, put a few spritzes in your hair, give it a crunch with your hand and you will be just peachy.

I lost my wallet, and I am sad and penniless.

Solution: HC’s new partnership with Vera Bradley has blessed us with brand new zip ID cases. College students have to use their IDs all the time, to get into some buildings and into the caf. So this is a good way to ensure that we don’t lose those precious IDs.

Penniless college student? Take HC’s advice and read-up on how to invest in stocks in their stock trading info booklet. Their three key reasons to consider buying stocks are: time horizon (you can build a stock portfolio over time instead of cramming later in life), money (now when you invest you don't have other obligations like a mortgage to worry about), and engagement (this engages you to current economic and business news).

I am too sick to even read my flashcards.

Pop a Cold-EeZe, and shorten your cold with quick releasing tablets. HC’s worried about your health, guys, take the Cold-EeZes!


Quick, find a friend, grab your Chipotle buy-one-get-one burrito/salad/or taco for free card and split the bill!

Thanks to all of the vendors who made it happen: Vera Bradley, TRESemme, Cold-EeZe, Michael Kors, admitsee.com and Chipotle.