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Grace Bailey

Grace Ann Bailey, 2022

Name: Grace Ann Bailey

Major(s): Biological Laboratory Sciences/Molecular Genetic and Genomics

Minor: Global Public Health and Epidemiology

Hometown: Kalamazoo


What is your favorite memory you have so far while attending MSU?

“My favorite memories I have so far while attending MSU I’d have to say would be any of the craft nights that the UAB puts on in the Union. Not only are they chill and fun, but I love to go with my friends so later on we can look at how unartistic our masterpieces turn out once we finish them.” 

What is your favorite dining hall on campus to eat at?

“My favorite dining hall that’s on campus that I enjoy eating at the most I’d say would probably be Landon because the food is always really good, different, and on point. I’d never tried duck before I got here, but now let’s just say I’m so glad I did while I was at Landon earlier in the semester. If you ever have a chance to try it when they make it, I’d 10/10 recommend it.”

Which sporting event has been your favorite to attend while going to MSU?

“As crazy as it sounds, I actually haven’t been to any of the sporting events yet since I’ve been going here. I’m hoping to make it to a few of the basketball and hockey games before the end of the semester because I love to watch those two sports and they’re my favorites.”

What advice would you give a freshman just starting out at MSU?

“My advice would be to have a planner and stay organized because that’s the key to succeeding here in my opinion, but also don’t forget to reward yourself after a long week of hard work. Remember to have fun on the weekends and be safe while doing it.”

What is your dream job after graduating from MSU?

“My dream job after graduating from MSU is to be a disease specialist.”

One thing you’d recommend others to check out while attending MSU?

“One thing I’d highly recommend for others to do while going to MSU would be to try and go to the UAB events. They’re a great way to meet new people and they’re just all-around a great and fun experience to make memories with friends as well.”

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