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Gifts I still haven’t finished using from last Christmas!

This article is for the people you love, like, are acquaintances with, and even the strangers. What are we talking about? Well of course wish lists! I congratulate you! Sending carefully thought out gifts isn’t easy.

The fact that someone hasn’t finished opening their gift may leave a bad taste in your mouth, or you might be anxious to know if they’ve passed on the gift. To make you (and me) feel better, here’s a list of items that I still haven’t finished from past years.


Pile of Books (Instagram Style)
Original photo by Celeste Y. Rubino

I think it is easy to see why books can make up the majority of one’s list of “gifts not finished”. There are so many great books out there and only a true bibliophile can read all suggested reads.

  • Turtles All The Way Down by John Green
  • Sabriel by Garth Nix
  • Trust Exercise by Susan Choi

I am extremely fortunate to have received so many beautiful gifts over the years, including jewelry. Jewelry has a certain guilt attached to me, as I do not wear it as often as I probably should. I just can’t get over my desire to wallow in bed with a T-shirt and shorts.

Unfinished Puzzle of Rug and Hardwood
Original photo by Celeste Y. Rubino

Puzzles are making a comeback during quarantine, and coloring books have been a trendy hobby for a couple years now. I haven’t gotten a coloring book yet, but I have gotten one puzzle this year. It is now on the waiting list of gifts to “do” along with these other great games:

  • Clue by Hasbro
  • Carcassonne by Rio Grande Games 
  • The Dream of Surrealism: An Art Jigsaw Puzzle [1000 pieces] by Laurence King
  • Cinque Terre [1000 pieces] by Peter Pauper Press

Even if I haven’t “used” all of these gifts to their full worth, I can still appreciate the fact that I,now,have goals to ‘better myself’ from 2021 onwards. Reading more books means I’ll gain curiosity with various types of them, more jewelry will up my confidence in my appearance, and playing more games means more communication with my friends and family.

Hopefully, I will gain a little OPTIMISM when gift-giving comes around again next holiday season, because I know the sentiment matters more than me using every gift. 


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