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Game day is a magical day blessed upon us by our savior Mark Dantonio. It’s a time where it is acceptable to drink at 8 a.m and you won’t be judged for wearing a cheerleading skirt. It may get a little wild sometimes, but what else would you expect from Spartans? Who else to illustrate these sacred Saturday’s then the reality tv stars of our youth — aka the Jersey Shore squad?

Waking up at an ungodly hour no matter what

As college students, we definitely cannot commit to waking up at 8 a.m for lecture but for game day, you bet your ass we will be up and ready before the sun comes up.

Killer outfit

For some reason, as women we take our game day outfits very seriously. All the hard work pays off when we look cute af though.


Pregaming the pregame

To be able to handle a bunch of frat boys jumping off roofs, you have to have a little bit of a buzz going on. Okay, maybe a little more than a buzz.

Call the Uber

Oh, you thought because it’s daytime that I would be willing to walk. You thought wrong.


There is something about daylight that completely changes the party. Beer pong, flip cup — let’s go.


Run from the cops

This is just a sad reality.



Food is a necessity on game days. RIP, Conrads. We’ll have to settle for Taco Bell or Bdubs to satisfy our cravings.


Try to make it to the game

The plan is always to get to the game, but sometimes it’s an unrealistic goal. Sometimes you have to nap and that’s just going to have to be okay.



No matter what, we love our football team. Win or lose you can guarantee Spartans will stay true. Go Green!


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