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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

Since the pandemic started, I have heard nothing except people talking about stocks. It’s become something that everyone has gotten into, or something that they want to get into. Honestly, it’s great as there are not many downsides to investing your money as long as you play your cards right. Instead, you could see your money grow and protect the value of your money. Due to inflation, everyday cash is becoming worth less investing helps you beat this. The goal for investing is often to achieve financial independence. For some this means retiring comfortably or being able to spend more in your every day life. With that said, if you haven’t already hopped on the bandwagon, consider doing so. Here are four stocks I’ll be watching and that I would recommend you also watch (and consider investing in) for the new year.

  1. Intel 

As an American multinational technology company they are the future. They sell PC units, graphics cards, AI accelerators and specialized chips. Their technology is used in computer semiconductors which can be classified as memory chips and microprocessors. The industry is not going anywhere especially with the rise in the demand of AI accelerators. They already have AI chips made but could be employed to manufacture them for everyone soon. In 2024, Intel is reported to have hopes to beat its competitors with new technology. Even if you don’t understand everything the company does, you can still invest. To summarize, they are making the technology for the future so you’ll want a couple shares. 

  1. IBM

The International Business Machines Corporation offers new technology and solutions to help companies make advances. They offer products for hybrid cloud infrastructure, AI technology, security and storage solutions. They specialize in cloud computing and work everyday to answer business challenges. They ensure that data remains safe in companies and although they aren’t the fastest growing technology company they still produce returns that are worth buying a share. They expect to grow in 2024 with AI’s expansion and new technology so it’s worth the investment. 

  1. Toast

This cloud-based management restaurant software company is on the rise. The company works under several product categories such as restaurant point of sale and operations. Their technology also manages digital ordering and delivery. They make sure they are a consumer payment application for companies. Its rapid growth in market value proves its need in the industry. It offers solutions developed around making life easier for restaurant owners. Needless to say, this company is not going anywhere and is only going to expand. At the time of publishing, the stock is priced at roughly $18 so it’s easy to invest in.

  1. Amazon

You’re going to want this company in your corner because it’s not going anywhere. Amazon has predictions of only expanding and is the leading e-commerce website. It has reputable financial strength meaning you know it’s worth the investment. Amazon’s service division is the fastest growing part of the company. It’s predicted to only continue to rise as companies spend more on cloud services. The company is predicted to only get stronger so it’s worth the investment.

If you are looking into investing or have already been doing so, consider looking into buying a share of these companies. They all range in price from anywhere from $18-$160 dollars. It could be worth the investment in your future to work toward gaining financial freedom. 

Sabrina Seldon is the Editor-in-chief of Her Campus at MSU. She edits articles, approves pitches and oversees the editing team. Seldon is a junior at Michigan State University majoring in Journalism with minors in Broadcast, Public Relations and Graphic Design. On top of her involvement with Her Campus, she is the Art Director of VIM Magazine at MSU. Seldon was Editor-in-chief of her high school's award-winning yearbook and has articles published through the Spartan Newsroom. Seldon enjoys listening to music, traveling and designing graphics in her free time.