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Four Reasons Why You Should Watch This Guilty Pleasure

It’s January, and that means it’s time for a new season of the most dramatic, romantic, tearful, and hysterical guilty pleasure there is: The Bachelor.

You may have declared yourself a part of the Bachelor Nation already, or you might have never blessed yourself with Chris Harrison’s image popping up and declaring that you are, in fact, watching THE most dramatic season in Bachelor/Bachelorette history, but either way, I’m going to explain to you why you should start/continue to watch the epic franchise.

It’s Mindless

Yes, the show takes no working brain cells to watch, but that is precisely why it is such a perfect show! Just think about it— it’s cold out, you’ve been in classes or at work all day, and all you want at the end of the day is to lounge on the couch, eat some food, and let your brain feel numb for a little while. This show is perfect for just that. You watch a bunch of people fight over someone, you then watch all of them cry at some point for some ridiculous reason, and you don’t even have to remember the names of all the contestants because they display the names of the people every time they talk!


It Makes You Feel Sooooo Much Better About Yourself 

Listen, you may be single and alone, but at least you aren’t on a reality TV show competing for a person that is dating 30 other people. Also, just listening to the contestants speak and watching their ridiculous actions just makes you feel so much better about your own intelligence. I mean, these people really believe that the only way they will ever find love is by going on a TV show — haven’t they ever heard of Bumble?!

It’s Great For Making Friends 

I’m going to be honest: I was only pulled into the Bachelor Nation (what the fans call themselves) last year because everyone and I mean EVERYONE, in one of my classes watched the show religiously. Since I was just a tiny freshman with no friends, I figured I’d give in to the peer pressure and watch an episode or two so I could have a good conversation starter with my classmates.

AND IT TOTALLY WORKED! Suddenly, a whole group of us would show up to class early just to talk about the events of that week’s episode, and we’ve all been friends ever since! So it is proven that this show gets you new friends.

It’s Great For Social Gatherings 

With all the new Bachelor Nation friends you make, you can begin to throw your own Bachelor/Bachelorette viewing parties! It’s a lot like a Superbowl party, but only the sport you are watching is 30 women/men fighting each other mentally and physically for a single man/woman. There are more screams of rage at the contestants that are just insane and MANY more tears (from the contestants, but if your favorite is sent home, I guess you do you). 

So gather up your friends every Monday night by 8 PM, grab some snacks, turn on ABC, and get excited to watch “the most dramatic season in bachelor/bachelorette history.”

Annie is a senior at Michigan State University studying for a degree in Elementary Education with a focus in Social Studies. When she isn't studying, she enjoys geeking out about all things Harry Potter, snuggling with her dogs, and binge-watching "New Girl" with her friends. No matter what, you'll always see her with a smile that's wider than the Joker's.