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Five Things Every College Student Should Own

Being at school is stressful enough, let alone doing it all on your own. As a college junior having gone to university for at least a semester before going through the pandemic, I would say I know how to prepare for departing for school pretty well. Here is a list of five must-have items every college student should have! 

A Comfy Blanket

For me, I always have a blanket on me when I am home, so having the perfect texture and comfort is a necessity. I go for the fluffiest and softest textures for optimal relaxation and enjoyment. Linked here is my favorite blanket; it’s perfect for cuddles with your favorite person or pet and a good movie.

Firestick/Streaming for TV

This was probably the biggest life changer for me in my dorm-room days. Having a centralized streaming service TV is so helpful for movie nights! It’s even better when you can log into all of your roommates’ streaming sites so you get them all! That’s what my house does, at least. 

Thermodynamic water bottle – large

My comfort Takeya water bottle has been there since my first day of freshman year, my day one. It’s always nice to have a water bottle with you so that when sudden thirst occurs in the classroom, you’re prepared. I have had moments where I was coughing so hard, I was crying and I didn’t bring my water bottle with me to class…a moment of embarrassment in COVID times where I couldn’t borrow someone else’s bottle, either. Lesson learned: always have a reliable water bottle with you at all times. Even better if it’s insulated, so you can add ice cubes and have frozen water for hours. 

Designated backpack charger

Whether it attaches to your computer or to the wall, a phone charger is an absolute necessity. You never know when your phone is going to die while you’re out and about, so having that backup is a lifesaver. I always like to imagine my life like a movie, which is also why I keep a charger—in case an incredibly handsome man asks me for a phone charger, I’ll be ready. 

A Speaker

Having a good speaker is the perfect gateway to making friends. Music is so hard not to talk about, so keeping your speaker on you when going out is great! Whether you’re in the showers, studying outside, or even playing music with your door open, people are sure to appreciate and even talk to you about the music! 

Whether you find my advice helpful or not, being prepared at college is your first step to success. These items could be the difference between a bad day and the best day ever! Good luck on your schooling adventures, and don’t forget to hydrate.

!Alexandra is a professional photographer, specializing in family portraits and glamour shots, but has a passion for writing!
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