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Five Reasons Why Peter is One of The Worst Bachelors in Bachelor History

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

*Spoilers Ahead!* 

At this point, five weeks into the show, all of Bachelor Nation has strongly formed opinions about our newest bachelor, pilot Peter Weber. I will admit, on Hannah’s season of the Bachelorette, I found myself loving sweet little pilot Peter. However, I think it’s very clear that he is simply not the type of man who becomes The Bachelor. At age 28, one would hope that he would be able to trust his decisions and not succumb to the pressure from others, especially as The Bachelor. However, Peter has shown time and time again that he simply cannot do this, among other issues.


His Physical Relationships

Now, in 2020, we do not slut-shame. However, I feel the need to point out that Peter has kissed more girls in the first few weeks of the show than almost any other Bachelor I’ve seen. Almost every single episode has a montage of Peter kissing all the girls. Also, we can’t avoid discussing the incredibly awkward moment during the Cosmo photo shoot in which he kissed one girl while simultaneously having his arm around the shoulders of another, in front of everyone on the group date! It begs the question — does Peter view kissing the girls as furthering their physical connection and intimacy, or is he simply taking advantage of the willingness of the women to connect with him? 

His Inability to Trust His Decisions

Let’s get into the Alayah of it all. First, he sends her home due to drama in the house. Second, he regrets it minutes later but pushes that away. Third — she comes back to clear her name, and he gives her the group rose on a date she was not on (Bad choice Peter, no one liked that decision). Finally, he backtracks right before the rose ceremony and retracts her group date rose to send her home for no actual reason. This definitely caused some trust issues in the house — are his decisions going to stick or will he do the same to the rest of the girls?

His Lack of Backbone

Now, let’s get into the reasons why he did this: he time and time again succumbs to peer pressure. Sending Alayah home in the first place was due to the hatred of the other girls, even though it appeared that he himself trusted Alayah. He just didn’t want to deal with the drama. The same thing happened when he sent her home again, he said that he thought she had an amazing heart and seemed to be into her, but couldn’t keep her seemingly due to the upset of the girls in the house. He says he follows his heart, but I wonder if he follows the opinions of the girls. 


The Quality of the Dates He Plans 

Look. Not to undermine the idea of finding true love on the Bachelor, but a large appeal of going on the show is the amazing experiences you have while also getting repeatedly getting your heart stomped on. Let’s rewind to the hilarious moment when it was announced the ladies would be traveling to… wait for it… Cleveland, Ohio. The moment of silence that followed that announcement represented the confusion the contestants and audience felt. Peter can choose to go anywhere in the world, and yet he picked Ohio? Beyond the location, a large amount of the dates leave something to desire. The ill-fated football team date left girls injured and angry, especially since there was no winner and it ended up being the largest group date in Bachelor history. In Costa Rica, instead of ziplining or doing something exciting, Peter takes Sydney on a beautiful helicopter ride that ends with them sitting in the middle of a field on couch cushions. Come on Peter, take her to a waterfall picnic or something! Finally, let’s not forget the worst group date of all — Hannah’s group date. Not only does he let his ex plan the date, he asks no questions and puts the girls through the intense awkwardness of listening to Hannah retell their love story. 


And now, the biggest red flag of all: his clear remaining feelings for previous Bachelorette, Hannah Brown. After skipping half his group date to cuddle her, he ends up inviting her back on the show, explaining to the camera that he wants to kiss her, and then, in true Peter fashion, not making a decision and simply exiting the situation, never to be resolved. Personally, if I was a single girl on this show I would march all the way out those big Bachelor doors and back home. Not being over your ex is a gigantic issue, signifying not only that he can’t get over his feelings for her but that he is settling for the next girl that he can get. 

All in all, it seems clear that Peter was not the original Bachelor that we all wanted (hello Tyler C and Mike!) but he is the bachelor that we have. He appears to have been the last resort, and it shows in the way he handles the whole show. All I can say is good luck to the women of his season.

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