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Five Presents to Get Your Significant Other for Valentine’s Day Besides the Basic Flowers and Chocolate

1. Write them a Poem

Poems can be very meaningful when they are coming from the one that you love. Write your significant other a poem about them, how you feel about them, or your love story. Get creative and put your own twist to it! I am sure they would love it and cherish it forever.


2. Make them an Exploding Box

A new trend has been exploding boxes. These are boxes that open up when you pull the top off and are filled with memories and pictures. It is a crafty and unique way of scrapbooking your favorite memories and pictures into an artsy box that is truly a surprise for all when opening it. Purchase a premade exploding box from amazon and print out 20-30 pictures of you, your significant other, both of you together, and anything else that is meaningful to you both. Cut the pictures to the size of the flaps that fall when opening the box and repeat for each box. Include some stickers and write something nice on a couple of sides. At the end, write their name on the top and give it to them and wait for their smile!


3. Custom embroidered hoodie

Custom embroidered hoodies are a super cute gift that will definitely be cherished by your significant other because who doesn’t love receiving clothing, and even more, customized clothing! Buy a hoodie from any store, a white colored pencil, a large embroidery needle, some thread, and an embroidery hoop. Place the embroidery hoop around the place that you want to embroider. Choose what you want to embroider. Draw the design onto the cloth using the white colored pencil. Look up a video on how to do the stitch that you want to do on the hoodie. Embroider away! 


4. Build-a-bear

Build-a-bears will never go out of fashion. Pick a build-a-bear that you think your significant other will like and record yourself saying something funny, quirky, or sweet to them and have them put it into the build-a-bear. Give it to them and they will always feel like they have you with them even when you aren’t next to them as they will be able to listen to your voice whenever they want!


5. Paint or draw a picture

For those of you who love to paint or draw, this idea is for you. Even for those of you who aren’t so good at it, painting or drawing something for your significant other is a great gift. Paint or draw something that reflects a memory that you guys shared or even of a picture of you two. Make it personal and they will put it in a safe place and remember it forever.

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