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Five Easter Basket Ideas Not Full Of Candy

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

Let’s be honest, we are never too old for an Easter basket. However, we do outgrow the sugar overload that comes in the form of a colorful wicker basket, as there are things we want and prefer as adults (but still given in the form of a colorful wicker basket). I have compiled a list of baskets for your favorite college student, significant other, or best friend that simply cannot adult.

  1. The College Survival Kit

Starting off this list strong is a basket you can throw anything in and the recipient would be happy. It doesn’t even need to be a basket, it could just be a Starbucks gift card. However, if you’re feeling extra generous, you can throw in a gift card to their favorite grocery store, some of their favorite snacks, cleaning/laundry supplies, toiletries, or any food gift card. Coming from a college student: anything is appreciated.

  1. To Bake Their Day

If someone is just starting off their cooking experience or is already a master chef, this basket would be greatly appreciated (speaking from experience). You can fill it with kitchen utensils, baking pans (as they are always needed and you can never have enough), oven mitts, an apron, cookbooks, etc. There’s a lot you can do with this one, and everything is generally cheap. For an extra touch, you can use a mixing bowl instead of a basket.

  1. The Self-Care Kit

You might be tired of seeing these everywhere, however, these are always useful and something I personally swear by. Putting a comforting drink (coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc.) and snack (popcorn, trail mix, etc.) is a priority when putting these kits together. Putting something cozy (slippers, blanket, socks, robe), fragrances (candles, bath bombs, essential oils), and body care (lip scrub, face masks, lotion) are vital to perfecting this basket. This is a basket to rip into during a bad day, so rest assured – this is a useful gift for anyone.

  1. The Stereotypical Man Basket

If you have the responsibility of giving your boyfriend – or another male in your life – a basket and have absolutely no idea where to start, let this be your guide. As necessity with every gift basket, starting with their favorite snack and drink would be a necessity. Some safe options would include beef jerky, pretzels, or chips, and a bottle of their favorite liquor (if age appropriate). Gift cards to their favorite places would also be a great addition (Game Stop, Home Depot, food). If they are a bit of a man-child or like particular items, some hygiene products (cologne, shaving kit, body wash) would definitely not hurt, along with items that have to do with their hobbies such as cooking/grilling, fishing, golfing, etc. Finally, socks and underwear are always appreciated because it seems like they wait to receive some instead of buying it themselves.

  1. Car Care Basket

If you know someone that just started driving or always needs stuff for their car, this idea is for you. An emergency kit (flares, jumper cables, first aid, etc.) is always useful to have, and a car store gift card would not hurt either. Some hand sanitizer, car mats, and air refreshers are always appreciated to keep the car in goof condition. Other miscellaneous tools such as polishing cloths, a tire gauge, radiator cooling liquid, car vacuum, etc. Regardless, everything will get used.

As Easter approaches or an occasion you need a gift basket, hopefully you can take these ideas and put something together that makes your recipient happy instead of simply filling them with Peeps or Cadbury Eggs that would get thrown out anyway.

Kate is a writer for Her Campus at Michigan State University. She is a neuroscience major on the pre-med track. She enjoys baking, reading, and volunteering in her free time. You can usually find her at her favorite study spots on campus with a coffee in her hand.