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My Favorite Movies I’ve Seen in Theater the Past Year

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I am a movie fanatic. I love watching movies, whether at home or in the theater. My favorite genre of movies is horror – the scarier the better. From Summer 2022 to Winter 2023, I have seen a multitude of new movies, and I am here going to discuss my top three favorite movies I have seen lately. 

Avatar: The Way of Water

“Avatar” is one of my favorite movies of all time and I counted down the days until the second movie came out. I remember watching “Avatar” for the first time with my brother and I was definitely the annoying little sister who asked questions every five minutes. When I finally heard “Avatar: The Way of Water” was coming to theaters, I instantly made plans to see it with some of my friends. Although the movie is very long – around three hours – it was worth every penny. 

Bones and All

When I first went to see this movie, it was a spur-of-the-moment decision with my mother and I had no idea what it was about besides the fact that Timothée Chalamet was starring in it. In the first five minutes, I realized this movie was not just an average romance movie: it involved cannibalism. I remember my mom turning to look at me in disappointment, but I could not have warned her as I also didn’t have any context for the film. When we left the theater, my mom forgave me, as she and I both loved the movie. This film has intrigued me, making me more interested in romance films, and I have since been a fan. 


I had been wanting to see this movie for a while and I had to beg two of my friends to come with me, as I do not like to watch movies in theaters by myself. This is another long movie, around two and a half hours, but I loved it. They took the classic Elvis story, but it was from the colonel’s perspective as he narrated throughout the movie. Tom Hanks, who played the colonel, did an amazing job. I felt as if he was able to gaslight the entire movie, making it feel as though the watcher was the one who caused Elvis’ death. They also took some of Elvis’ original songs and made them modern, for example, they made a new song called “Vegas” that features Doja Cat and samples Elvis’ song “Hound Dog.” 

Movies have been super influential for me lately and I have been loving going to theaters to experience them on the big screen. I recommend these moves to anyone who is interested in a good watch.

Lyric is a second-year MSU student majoring in social science education. She joined Her Campus to make new friends and join a club where inclusivity is promoted.