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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

She feels the pressure to conform to society’s predetermined status of “F

He feels the overwhelming isolation of being the hidden status of “M

The dial on the radio is supposed to play sapphic tunes of Fletcher

Sometimes, the dial has other plans to hear the euphoric Shawn Mendes

So, the dial lingers somewhere along the middle to the tune of Amandla Stenberg

An outfit shouldn’t hold the power to disagree with the dial’s current setting

Pastel colors and flowery ribbons can clash with rugged camo and short undercuts

They can throw the entire radio off balance and ignite it into flames

Occasionally, they can make the most synchronous mash-up on the station

Societal conventions can push the dial to binary poles in black and white vision

Emotional perceptions can fight for the grey middle ground of blissful comfort

This war rages on within public places, sports teams, and public policies

Words carry infection from those in power to the ignorant to the throats of the powerless

A system of woven archaic values causes individuals to conform against themselves

Institutions fight to keep the dial on the “appropriately determined” initial setting

People were never made to be rigid and one with the collective

Individuals were made to run on their own ever-flexible spectrum

To those who see themselves in both Timothée Chalamet and Kristen Stewart:

Your dial is not broken

Fluctuation or nonconformity makes you an individual

Your stereo system plays perfect euphoric music

If you’re in a safe place, you can decide to be seen

Taylor is a Michigan native who loves all things pop culture, queer, and sociopolitical. Her favorite season is Gilmore Girl's autumn, and she is a tireless advocate of curling up to read with a cup of hot chocolate. Taylor will defend campy sapphic media any day over anything written by Nicholas Sparks or Hallmark. As a social psychology major, to her the culture of a society is personal.