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Exclusive Interview with “The Intern Queen”, Lauren Berger!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

On Monday, Feb. 24, 2014 The Intern Queen, Lauren Berger will be at Michigan State University with an executive recruiter from Ford Motor Company, as well as recruiters from Quicken Loans and Domino’s to talk to students about internships! They will be giving Spartans tips on applying and answering questions that students may have!

The event will be fantastic! It’s going to be sort of short, sweet, to the point, and full of call-to-action information.” says Lauren Berger, who founded InternQueen.com in 2009, “We will talk about tips and tricks for students looking for internships that they can apply right away.” 

Lauren Berger will be key noting the event and talking about everything internships. With having completed 15 internships—at MTV and NBC, just to name a few—she will be going into detail about her professional experiences in hopes to motivate everyone out there and let them know how internships have changed her life and how they have changed lives at MSU. 

She will be moderating a panel with an executive recruiter from Ford, Quicken Loans and Domino’s. The first 50 people in the door will receive a free copy of her book!

Her Campus Michigan State: What is InternQueen.com?

Intern Queen: A free internship site that I created in 2009. We work with hundreds of employers all over the country who post positions on the site. Easy for students to use, and they can apply for as many internship as they want. They can read our content, which is posted all the time, about how to make the best of internships and professional experiences. Check the site a few times a week, see what’s new. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram


HCMSU: Should graduating seniors, who are looking for jobs, attend the event?

IQ: Yes! The mixture of internship advice and my advice is for, I would say, freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and definitely graduating seniors, because a lot of the advice is on how to make the most of these internships and how to sell yourself for a job after college. 


HCMSU: Should students bring resumes/business cards to the event? 

IQ: If students want to, they definitely can! But I think the most important thing for students to bring is themselves! Just to come and take notes during the presentation. At the end of the presentation, everyone will have a chance to ask questions and meet with the panel. 


HCMSU: What’s a common misconception that students have when applying for internships? 

IQ: I think that a lot of students put all of their eggs in one basket. They apply for one or two internships and if they don’t get anything, they are kind of stuck. I always encourage students to apply for at least 10 internships per semester. If you are applying to well-known companies, you may want to apply for 20 internships—especially over summer when it gets super competitive. 


HCMSU: Once students have their foot in the door, how should students maintain their relationships within the industry? 

IQ: I think it’s important to keep up to date on your industry. One of my favorite questions to ask employers is “What do you guys read?” “What do you read every day to keep up with your industry?” When students have informational meetings, this is a great question to ask people. Also, you must make sure you are staying connected with your professional contacts. A lot of graduating seniors have more contacts then you think. You must stay in contact with professional contacts three times per year.

 Marissa Russo is a senior at Michigan State University studying  journalism with a concentration in apparel and textile design. Her love for writing coincides with her love for design, and after graduation she hopes to work at a publication that allows her to do both. Marissa is a co-campus correspondent for Her Campus MSU. Follow her on Instagram: marissrusso and Twitter: @marissrusso 
Alena Davis is a senior journalism major at MSU and co-campus correspondent for HCMSU. She hopes to pursue a career in magazines based in New York or Chicago. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, Instagramming and excursioning with friends. Follow her on Twitter: @alenaadavis & Instagram: @alenadavis