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Exciting Art History Events in November 2020

The Art History Association (AHA), a small registered student organization of Michigan State’s Department of Art, Art History & Design (AAHD), will graciously be receiving three lectures from Michigan State’s prestigious faculty of art historians. AHA will host these lectures over Zoom, at 6:30pm EST, starting November 9th and continuing the 16th and 23rd. Each session has a Q&A, and it is the main reason for the club’s interest in being published. They would love to see greater participation from MSU, but also from the areas around MSU that hold citizens with interest in art and art history. 

AHA hopes to build constructive conversations about art, time and space that are unique to the time we live in. Something they know can only happen when individuals from all walks of life, who have varying degrees of interest, expertise, and prestige in the art world join the Zoom calls on November 9th, 16th, and 23rd.  

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        Nov. 9th – 6:30pm: LILY WOODRUFF Ph.D., Associate Professor

Lily Woodruff’s regional focus is post-WWII Europe & France, with an emphasis on how ecology, technology, the consumer/audience, and politics and theory have shaped contemporary and modern art after 1945. Her monograph, published by Duke University Press, is Disordering the Establishment: Participatory Art and Institutional Critique in France, 1958-1981.

        Nov. 16th – 6:30pm: LAURA SMITH Ph.D., Associate Professor

Laura Smith’s regional focus is the Americas, with an emphasis on Indigenous North American artists and their use of photography, video, new media, and film. Her monograph, published by the University of Nebraska Press, is Horace Poolaw, Photographer of American Indian Modernity.

        Nov. 23rd – 6:30pm: YELENA KALINSKY Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Yelena Kalinsky’s regional focus is the former Soviet Union and modern-day Eastern Europe and Russia, with an emphasis on performance and conceptual art. A work-in-progress, her monograph is called Collective Actions and the Moscow Conceptualist Art World.     

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