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Everything going on with Shane and Courtney (from someone who doesn’t watch “Smosh”)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

If you were on the internet at all in the 2010’s then the name “Smosh” might sound familiar. On April 1, “Smosh” stars Courtney Miller and Shayne Topp took to social media to announce their wedding.

Being a part of a comedy centered youtube channel, fans took this announcement with speculation. Before the photos, there was no confirmation on if the couple were ever actually together.

Even with the instagram caption “Obviously. 3.29.24,” fans were still on the fence. While some comments are saying congratulations, others were asking if this was real, or part of a bit. 

Theories eased up when the official Smosh account posted a video with Miller herself saying “You’re gonna have to bleep this out, but I’m getting married.”  Miller continued to post the next day more photos of their small wedding. The caption being “Happy April 2nd.” 

Even with the verification, some fans we’re still cautious. One comment being: “This is gonna be a week long joke, right?” One fan said, “They seem like the people who would get married and announce it on April fools so people don’t know if they’re actually married or not.” 

On April 3, Miller confirmed the marriage with PEOPLE Magazine. “It’s so wonderful to be married to my best friend.”

After the official announcement, fans showered them with support. “I was following it very closely,” said a fan. “I couldn’t believe it.” 

Sophia Jundy is a sophomore at Michigan State University studying journalism, graphic design, and photography. Her end goal after university is to work with pop culture magazines and social media. She joined her campus looking for more opportunities and is actively looking to expand her knowledge in writing, editing, and reporting.