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Every Makeup Product You Need For Fall Semester Heat

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

Along with new classes, friends, and a new environment, the start of a new semester always brings the heat of the early autumn sun and humidity. No matter if you’re walking to an afternoon recitation or a late night dinner with friends, feeling refreshed in your beauty routine is a must.

Taking a walk around campus is a sure-fire way to watch your makeup melt off your face, but with the help of a few long-lasting products, your makeup routine will withstand the day and hold up in the early weeks of fall.

Poreless primer

One of the most important parts of a look that will withstand both the day and night is a good base. Using a good primer that creates a smoothing effect on your skin and provides a tacky surface for your makeup to sit on will ensure that your products will stay put.

Creaseless concealer

A good concealer is crucial to how your final look will turn out. Choosing one that doesn’t crease and has decent coverage is the best to brighten up your look and contribute to a good base. Applying a concealer to the eyelids as a base before eyeshadow is a trick that will allow the pigments in the eyeshadow to shine and withstand the humidity.

Translucent setting powder

If you’re a fan of using liquid and cream products, like many makeup lovers, the products are bound to move around and even transfer throughout the day. Using a setting powder in oily areas such as the undereyes, forehead, and chin will keep your makeup looking matte in the areas needed and will keep your concealer and foundation where it’s supposed to be. The best method for a product like this is using a powder puff and packing the powder in where needed.

Waterproof mascara

It’s frustrating to look at the mirror at the end of the night and see remnants of your mascara inhabiting your undereyes. Fortunately, using a waterproof mascara instead is a great way to battle sweat, tears, and anything else one might face throughout the day. Pairing this with an eyelash curler in your lash routine will make your eyes pop and keep you looking fresh for the entire day.

Brow gel

To keep your brows from going awry, you will absolutely need a product to slick them down in some way. A brow gel or wax that comes with a spoolie is a great way to tame your brows and keep them looking the same for as long as you need. Brushing your brow hairs up is a great way to lift up your eyes and give you that “awake” look.

Setting spray

Setting spray is arguably the most important part about your entire makeup routine. If a good setting spray isn’t paired with the rest of your products, you can’t expect them to last on your face. Give your face a good spritz after your base is done, and again when you’ve applied all the products you need. It can’t hurt to also reapply throughout the day (and especially the night), too.

A combination of just a few products should guarantee that your makeup withstand recent temperatures and keep you looking your best, no matter the occasion.

Kennedy DeMars is a member of Her Campus at MSU and it is her first year writing for the organization. DeMars is a freshman at Michigan State University and majors in journalism with a focus in broadcasting. She previously wrote for the Adams Kilt through her high school, and was a state qualifier for Broadcast Production Team in Business Professionals of America (BPA) as well as a national qualifier in Digital Marketing. Aside from Her Campus, DeMars is also a member of Association of Women in Sports Media (AWSM). When she's not writing, DeMars loves getting together with her friends, rewatching her favorite TV shows, and tap dancing.