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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

The book I’ve been wanting is more affordable on Amazon

But I can’t give my money to Jeff Bezos

I’m supposed to support small businesses

I spent 20 minutes in Sephora trying to find the best conditioner

I think I find one, but it doesn’t say “no animal testing”

How can I buy from my favorite brands

When I heard their CEO has all those sexual harassment allegations?

I cut the top off of every tube I own

So that I use every last drop of product

Zero – waste living is in, you see?

But the bottle is non-recyclable plastic

It’ll probably sit in the ocean for 500 years

What if it kills a turtle and it’s all my fault?

The restaurant I wanted to eat at pays their servers less than minimum wage

I know I’ll leave them a good tip

But the manager pockets 20%

Is it better if I just don’t go at all?

The shirt I just bought was made by a fast-fashion brand

I know I’ll wear it all the time

But those children in the factories barely get paid

And all of that water is getting polluted

My purchase probably contributed to global warming

But I can’t afford to buy sustainable

Target had some really nice pride merch this year

I still use that tumbler I got

Even though they slapped a rainbow on their logo for June

And took it off on July 1st

I’m not supposed to benefit from rainbow capitalism

I grew up in a time when my diet was the “other,” the “weird”

I started eating meat again when everyone went vegan

What a hypocrite, everyone probably thought

Every bite of chicken I eat wastes hundreds of gallons of water

Those animals were probably subject to genetic modifications and hormones

But I’m really lacking protein in my diet otherwise

It feels like there’s no right way to do this

I’m always going to sacrifice one thing for another

Then I realize, that’s the problem

There’s no such thing as ethical consumption

And yet I can’t stop trying

Risa Bhutani is a junior at Michigan State University studying accounting. She is also the events director for Her Campus at Michigan State and enjoys creating core memories for people in the chapter through events. She is a fan of reality TV, true crime, reading, and hiking in her spare time.