End of the Semester Checklist

Finals week is approaching and it’s probably difficult to focus on anything but finishing school. One of the greatest feelings is taking your last exam and knowing you’re officially on summer break, but If you go to school out of your hometown or you’re moving away for the summer, there’s a little extra work to be done before you’re totally free. Whether you live in a dorm or an apartment, you’re going to have to prep for a stress-free summer.

Donate old clothes and dorm items.

Sorting through your clothes ahead of time means more space and less packing. If you’re moving out of a dorm, it’s likely that you won’t need twin size bedding anymore.

Pack all non-essentials a week ahead of time.

Items such as posters, decorations, games, books, etc., can be boxed up (and even sent home) early as they won’t affect your daily routine.

Meet with your advisor.

Sign up for classes and make sure you’re on the right track for your major so you’re not stressing about it over the summer. Class is the last thing you should be thinking about during summer, right?

Collect and or return borrowed items.

My friends and I are constantly borrowing each others’ stuff. Whether it’s clothes, shoes, or books, returning items to their rightful owners gives you one less thing to worry about. Campus book stores are usually really busy the first and last weeks of semester because everyone is trying to buy or sell their material. If you rented your textbooks, try returning them before finals week to beat the rush.

Study -- but have fun!

It’s obviously important to study. Cramming isn’t healthy, though and can actually have negative effects on your grades. Allot small amounts of times each day for exam prep, but don’t feel ashamed if you need to take a break to be social. If you’re moving away from friends, make it a point to spend time with them before the semester ends.

It may feel like there’s a lot to do, but managing your time wisely and completing small tasks throughout the week will make your finals week and move-out much less troublesome.