Empowered Women Empower Women

Before college, I had a very obtuse view of feminism — I saw it as a bunch of radical, bra-burners who wanted to rid the planet of men, which is completely incorrect. Feminism is about working towards providing equal rights and support for every demographic.

As I have evolved and grown through my journey at MSU, I have come to realize the vitality of feminism and equality.

Feminism, to me, is women unconditionally supporting other women. As little girls, we are often taught to hate other women, that they are the enemy and our competition. But, through unification, we stand stronger than ever. Nothing has taught me the importance of empowering other females than joining MSU’s chapter of Her Campus back during my freshman year.

“Finding a community on campus with supportive women who want you to be your better self is a great way to enrich your college experience,” said Ally Hamzey, events director.

I originally joined Her Campus as a resume builder, but it grown in my heart and has provided me with a support system. Whether it’s listening to other staff members about issues in their personal lives, brainstorming ways to improve our student organization, or simply using each other as sounding boards for story ideas, we have grown into a family - complete with inside jokes and long-lasting friendships.

“It’s nice to be involved in a group where you can be yourself and express your thoughts and opinions without fear of being judged,” said Hannah Holliday, social media director.

Her Campus not only supports the women within our organization, but the women of MSU and the greater Lansing area. In the past, we have held a gender pay gap bake sale for Women’s History Month and collected cans in Cedar Village apartments for Eve’s House in Lansing for Thanksgiving.

“What I love about Her Campus is that it’s a group of women with all kinds of different personalities and backgrounds, yet we are all capable of sharing ideas and discussions that are relevant to women everywhere,” said Rachel Cichon, staff writer.

After all, home isn’t a location. It’s a feeling. I’ve never felt like I’ve really belonged anywhere throughout my whole life, but I know that I belong to Her Campus. I’ve grown immensely as an individual and as a writer with all the freedom of expression allocated to us.