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Eggs in the Wrong Basket

Human beings can only maintain about 300 close relationships

More than this becomes too much to process

I have 450 instagram followers


I don’t look at most of their posts- most of them get scrolled past in the blink of an eye

Even those of old friends…

Sometimes i’ll let my mind wander for a moment

I can’t remember your voice, but I remember being close to you

I miss you!

I think?

Was it just not meant to be, or somewhere along the line did we lose it

That intimacy we had

Secrets shared

Days spent

Trouble gotten into

It’s sort of funny, because we diverged

I went one way

You the other

And we ended in the same-ish spot

With the same-ish interests

And the same-ish people on our chopping blocks

If I told you everything that has happened to me since

I like to think you’d laugh, whispering that you told me so


Did I put my eggs in the wrong basket?

I do seem to have found some peace

Some pieces of joy to hold on to

Have you? 

I lived- for all that entails

Did you?

I long to hear all about it

I long to say You were right!

These pants are great!

And punk music rocks!

And that group of girls is one of the worst things to happen to me!

Dying your hair is awesome!

And so are 90s cartoons!

Good friends aren’t clean cut!

And neither are happy days…

For all this useless pondering

You were my friend

Hey, do you remember your 16th birthday party?

That was fun

Let’s do it again sometime

bio major at MSU. Writer, painter, and coffee enthusiast.
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