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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

This was our first year at Michigan State University. Getting closer and hanging out near each other so often made us realize that there is a huge difference between dorm living and apartment living. First year freshmen are required to live on campus for the first two years, whereas transfer students were suggested to live off campus. Here is our perspective on living in the dorms versus living in an apartment. 

Sammie Howard:

I live in a suite style dorm with my roommate. We share a bathroom that splits between our dorm room and our suitemates’ dorm room. My time here at MSU has been amazing, and  

I enjoyed my first year in a dorm. Some things I really enjoyed about the dorm life is that the location is efficient. Having a dorm on campus gives me easier access to my classes, dining halls, and free transportation throughout campus. While you can pay to have your vehicles on campus, you are provided free transportation. 

Another addition to campus life is there is free wifi and cable. Your dorms come with more amenities such as trash, toilet paper, water and ice machines, mail service, free laundry room, vacuum, computer room, study rooms, and a nicely set up kitchen. All dorm rooms come furnished with beds, desks, and chairs. There is also 24 hour maintenance. 

Some things I enjoyed about living in a dorm was having a more strict set of rules. There are rules that enforce us to be reasonably quiet after a certain time. They also put rules in place to maintain a clean environment throughout the dorms. The janitors clean almost everyday. Sometimes, depending on your RA, they will do fun things throughout the year like throw little gatherings or parties. One thing I like about dorms is I don’t have to worry about paying off bills monthly, instead I just have to pay it off later. 

Sophia Jundy: 

Moving to East Lansing gave me a big taste of adulthood. Getting into an apartment straight out of my hometown instead of a dorm was a big change. I quickly learned that apartment living is a lot quieter than living on campus. Maybe it’s just my complex, but there isn’t a lot of socializing that goes on where I live. I often visit Sammie in the dorms, and may I say the dorm life is not a quiet life. The noisy environment is nice, but I like that I can always go back to my cozy room at my apartment. My room being my own sanctuary is important to me. This might be the only-child syndrome showing, but I like having my own room. It’s decorated just how I want, andI can leave it messy or neat if I want to. I make all the calls because it’s my room. However, this does come with the fact that rent is due monthly. Oh rent, I would be way less broke without you in my life. Rent sure is expensive, but sometimes it’s worth it, as my apartment has a lot of amenities. There’s a full gym, a pool, and a community area. There are also study rooms and free coffee in the lobby. I’m not a coffee drinker but if I were I’d abuse that privilege. I live with two other roommates who I think are great girls! We all share one kitchen and I share a bathroom with one of them. We all get along pretty well; however, we haven’t been a group to hang out with each other. I’m not sure if this is a norm in apartment living, but I don’t consider it a bad thing. They’ve been fantastic roommates. 

Transitioning into college life, the dorm life is between a young adult and a person entering into adulthood. Skipping that stage and going right to apartment living sometimes feels like a chapter was missed. Everyone at one point should experience dorm life and apartment life. That being said, it’s refreshing to get a break from our living areas and explore each other’s arrangements. 

Sophia Jundy is a sophomore at Michigan State University studying journalism, graphic design, and photography. Her end goal after university is to work with pop culture magazines and social media. She joined her campus looking for more opportunities and is actively looking to expand her knowledge in writing, editing, and reporting.
Sammie Howard is freshman at Michigan State University, majoring in Criminal justice. Her time with Her Campus consists of writing and helping with the design team. She loves shopping, hanging out with friends and family, and most importantly her dog. Ig and SC: @thenameissammie