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Dorm Essentials: Must-Have Items for Going Back to School

Here are some items that you don’t always think of when shopping for your dorm.

Full-Length Mirror

This item is a savior whether it be used to check out your outfit, do your makeup, or see if your hair is up to par. Dorms are only equipped with horizontal mirrors and they don’t allow you to see if you’ve styled yourself correctly. With this tool, you can show off your #ootd!!

Mattress Pad/Topper

Dorms and furnished apartments come with mattresses, but the ones they give are often hard and uncomfortable to sleep on. A mattress pad helps by adding a layer of cushion, so you can sleep better. 


Dorms get very humid and hot especially during the late summer and early spring months and MSU doesn’t provide AC unless you send a request due to your health problems. Therefore, both a humidifier and fan can help make your dorm space more livable. 

Cleaning Supplies

It is so easy to forget that now you don’t have your parents to clean after you, so remember to bring cleaning supplies for both the bathroom and the room. Some examples include: Clorox Wipes, Scrubbing Bubbles, Plunger, Toilet Brush, etc. 


Whether it be cooling your water or heating up the noodles you got from Sparty’s, a microwave and refrigerator are essential items. Grand River Ave is filled with amazing restaurants and your dinner from last night will stay fresh with the use of these items. 

Command Strips/Mounting Putty

Dorms don’t allow you to have push pins on the walls, so command strips or mounting putty are just the perfect alternatives. They help keep your calendar up on your wall and will last about the whole year!

Bedside Caddy 

If you have a raised bed, a bedside caddy is very helpful. There are many times when you will work on your bed while you are tired to watch a show as you’re ready to wind down. You will be too lazy to climb all the way down and put things away, so all your bedside essentials can be placed right next to you. 

Dry-Erase Calendar

There will be so much going on such as: classes, clubs, and maybe even a job. This is where the calendar comes into play, by organizing your time out you will be able to get much more work done and know when you have down time. 

Power Strips

Dorms only have 2 outlets per person, which definitely isn’t enough for the electronics, lights, appliances, etc. Power strips are very helpful in not only providing extra ports, but they are longer, so more electronics can reach it. 

Water Bottles

MSU is notorious for having red water because of the switchover of water supply. Therefore to be on the safer side, water bottles are more sanitary and better to use during these periods.

Nikita is an undergraduate student studying Neuroscience through the Lyman Briggs College at Michigan State. Additionally, she is minoring in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. During her free time she loves to hangout with friends, go for a run, volunteer, and dance.
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