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Dominique Jackson ’16

Name: Dominique Jackson
Year: Junior
Major: Criminal Justice
Hometown: Kalamazoo, MI
Hobbies: Reading, Netflix and cheerleading
Relationship Status: Taken
Ideal Date: Dinner and a movie
What Are You Passionate About? Music, friends, my family and boyfriend
Why Did You Choose MSU? The beautiful campus, the many opportunities given to minority students, and the amazing aspects of social life: tailgates, sporting events, parties, etc.
Favorite Place on Campus: The women’s lounge in the MSU Union
Wildest Memory on Campus: A paint party in the rain at Delta Sigma Phi during welcome week of my freshman year
Pop Culture Obsession: Harry Potter
Celebrity Crush: Matthew Gray Gubler
Most Embarrassing Moment: Running for the CATA and tripping and falling once…it was way too much
Favorite Quote: “Trust the Timing of your Life.”
Hello! My name is Tori and I'm freshman and journalism major at Michigan State University. While I enjoy writing about a variety of things, photojournalism and the music industry are my main interests.
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