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Name: Diya Venkatesh

Major: Advertising Management

Hometown: Farmington Hills, MI


How do you think you have changed from before quarantine to after?

I believe that quarantine has made me realize how much I value my friends and family in my life. Having fun family memories like game nights and family dinners made me reconnect with my family, but also it made me realize that I missed memories with friends. It was sad that all of a sudden those experiences were taken away from me, but I had to find new ways to keep in touch with friends. 


How did quarantine affect your perspective on your future career?

In one of my classes, a student asked my professor how everything going online is going to change the industry of advertising. The professor responded by saying it’s hard to say what will really change in the next decade, but in a greater aspect, all industries are shifting to remote and virtual workspaces rather than in person work. I believe I would personally enjoy working from home and being around family, but it would also make it difficult because communicating online takes out creativity and human interaction. 


What kinds of self-care have you done during quarantine when times were rough?

It was nice not being alone during quarantine and having other people, like my family, to talk to as well as having a rough routine filled with outdoor activities, game nights, and movie nights with my family. It was nice to have some sort of excitement everyday when the days all blended together. 


What are you most excited for post-COVID?

I’m most excited to sit and eat in a restaurant. I definitely took it for granted, and I missed having conversations with people over good food. I also am looking forward to going to concerts for the excitement and music, I miss those vibes!

Priyanka is studying Neuroscience with a concentration in cognitive and computational neuroscience and minoring in Women's and Gender Studies with a concentration in Health, Urban, and Public policy at Michigan State University. She is also part of the Osteopathic Medical Scholars Program and is an aspiring physician. She loves to spend time with family and friends, shop, bake and binge-watch Netflix shows!
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