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DIY: Headband Holder

There are a lot of pluses to the collegiate lifestyle like going to bed whenever you want, making new friends, once in a lifetime experiences. There are also some un fortunate things that come with moving on to the college of your dreams, things like small rooms. In general our options have been widened as far as organizational shoe racks, and adorable jewelry stand but ladies still have the difficult task of fitting their headbands in the smallest possible place. While we have finally solved the jewelry storage problem with cute stands and boxes there is the problem of headbands. We ladies have them in masses taking up massive amounts of our tiny space. Finally I know a solution to help at least organize the mess with simple household items we all have.


To assemble this headband holder you will need to round up these simply items:
-An Oatmeal Cylinder
-Fabric (to cover the cylinder)
-Modge Podge
– White Paint (optional)
-Foam Brushes


Start off by removing any labels from the oatmeal from the cylinder. I chose to paint the cylinder before decorating it, because the fabric I chose is so thin any dark cardboard will show through. I used a white acrylic paint because it is cheap and doesn’t make a mess. After applying an even coat of paint, let the cylinder dry.


I chose a fabric that was lightweight. That way it will hold on to the modge podge easier. Use you second foam brush to make a thick line of modge podge down the side of the cylinder. Then smooth the fabric over the modge podge. Best to let this dry for a minuet before continuing with the fabric. After letting the first line dry apply more modge podge to the cylinder and apply fabric in sections so you can smooth it all. Once you have come full circle trim the edge and use modge podge over the trimmed part to smooth it down.

Modge podge can be bought at most craft stores or even created in your own home. Simply mix together one part All Purpose White Glue, such as Elmers’, with one part water. Spread the mixture over the cylinder in four segments. As you cover one area in the adhesive make sure to place the fabric over it, the adhesive dries quickly.


After you have the cylinder covered with your fabric set it aside for an hour or two so it can dry. Once the cylinder has dried use it to trace out a circle to cover the lid.

Cut that circle out and apply more adhesive to the lid add the fabric. Trim around the lid so the fabric covers both the top and the sides but does not extend further than the original lid.

Put the lid onto the cylinder to cover up the side. You may need to do some smoothing once it has been put on.


For the other side of the cylinder trim off any extra fabric, leave enough fabric to glue around the bottom ridge, but leave the cardboard in the center exposed. That way it will sit even, or a pedestal can be attached.

Technically the headband holder is done. You can place it on your counter to hold your headbands but if you are looking to add a little most sass simply attach a pedestal. These can be candleholders or any other small stand you find. To attach the pedestal I would ditch the modge podge and get some super glue or hot glue.


Instead of a pedestal you can personalize it by adding flowers or ribbons…whatever your personal style may be. There you have it, your completed headband holder to help you manage the small space you will be dealing with the rest of the year.

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