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The mirror is 

My enemy,

An unavoidable insecurity.

I hate the reminder 

Of you that it serves 

When I look at myself.


I hate the mirror

My reflection.

It’s an aversion I haven’t

Processed, because I can’t.

I wish I could say I’ve gotten over it,

My hate for you,

For me.


I hate the reminder that You serve.

Of the memories you draw

And the pain you inflicted.

I see the darkness

When I look in the mirror.

The ones you put in me,

The thoughts that take me

One step closer to you.


I want to Run.

Run in the other direction,

Away from you

From the actions and words

That you can’t take back.

But neither can I.


I’ve done it too;

Caused pain,

Inflicted Darkness,

That I want to blame on 


But I can’t

I’ve done it too.


I just pray,

My lengths are shorter than


You faux superhero

I believed you to be.

How wrong was I?


Were never a hero,

Always the villain?


An evil

That resides within me,

Dirt I wish to wash away.


That makes me


But it’s forever,

Our DNA.


There won’t be saving.

No cleansing,

Or escaping from that darkness.

I can avoid the mirror,

Use some paint to cover up

The blemishes I feel

Crawling within me.


I’ll use paper

To cover the reflections

So I won’t find myself –

Because I’m afraid

Of what I might find if I do.



But I want to run,

To me,

To find who I am.

But You won’t leave me alone.

With every turn,

The breath is stolen from my lungs.


You yanked my heart from my chest


Even with eyes closed,

I never breathe because of what 

You did.

Every second of pain,

Causes a sickness to churn

In my stomach.

Causes an ache to pulse

In the cavern you created.


A glance from You,

Of You,

That’s what it does.

But I’m tired

Of running and being afraid.

I need

To look in the mirror

At the glossy reflection of my eyes –

Our eyes. 

At the contours of my round face

Dad’s face.


A face I want to see

And love,

Because he’s gone and

It’s all I have left.

And my enemy keeps him

Locked away from me.

Because I have an insecurity

That I can’t bring myself to confront


To solve the neglect I’ve 

Been causing myself

From the dirty water I feel

Flows through my veins.

Our shared DNA –

That I need to accept,

As I’ve captured a 

Reflection of myself. 

Katherine (Katie) Franklin is in her freshman year of university, working towards a degree in English. After graduation, Katie would like to begin her journey into a successful writing career. She specializes in advice columns and creative fiction pieces, but loves writing anything and everything in between. She regularly practices her technique and writes daily to explore literary ideas. As a strong believer in the power of the creative mind, Katie branches out to experience any new, fun, or enlightening activities that can make a positive influence on her work. While an avid writer and reader, she can also be found trying new food at hole-in-the-wall places and volunteering at animal shelters.
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