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Dejia Blackwell, ’20

Name: Dejia Blackwell

Year: Sophomore

Major(s:) Nursing and Child Development

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

What made you choose to go into the field of nursing?

Growing up I always knew I wanted to pursue a career in the medical field. The reason I chose nursing is because I had an amazing experience shadowing a nurse. From that day forward I knew nursing was the right career for me.

What is the most frustrating and most rewarding part about working with young children?

Working with children is hardly ever frustrating to me. I believe once you have a passion for something then you always enjoy doing it. The most rewarding part is knowing that I’m able to pass knowledge to the next generation that will stick with them forever.

Where did you study abroad and what did the experience teach you?

Since I have been at MSU I participate in two study abroad programs. The first program was Nursing in London. From this experience, I learned about the nursing field in the United Kingdom and how Florence Nightingale had a huge impact on it. My other study abroad experience was in Belize. This experience taught me to appreciate the things I have. Honestly, both of the experiences changed my whole outlook on life and made me a stronger woman and leader.

What was the highlight of your time spent thus far at MSU?

The highlight of time time at MSU has been meeting my friends. All of them bring happiness to my life and remind me of how great it is being in college. I love each of them and all of their different personalities.

What are some of your favorite must-visit places in Detroit?

Although I have been staying in Detroit most of my life I have no favorite places to visit. My favorite restaurant is Kuzzo’s; it’s a great place to eat and is very affordable. Pretty much all of downtown Detroit is a great place to visit for great food, music, and fun.

What do you enjoy doing in your freetime?

During my freetime I enjoy going to hot yoga. When I go to hot yoga I am able to focus on myself. During that time I feel a peace and as if no one else exists.

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