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Day in the Life of a Single on Valentine’s Day

When someone asks you if you have plans for Valentines Day:

But they wait for a response and you’re just like:

You don’t bother to tell them what your real plans actually are: 

So you just give them a polite, “I don’t know.”

But then Friday rolls around, and everyone seems to have plans but you. 

You see your roomies off on their dates and try to keep it cool:

But as soon as you shut the door, you can’t help your emotions. 

You check the mail and find a homemade card from your parents. And you remember you are loved:

Suddenly, your attitude for the day starts to turn around. 

And you realize, you don’t actually care that much about having a Valentine. 

And, you know that the only thing that truly matters is loving yourself. 



 Marissa Russo is a senior at Michigan State University studying  journalism with a concentration in apparel and textile design. Her love for writing coincides with her love for design, and after graduation she hopes to work at a publication that allows her to do both. Marissa is a co-campus correspondent for Her Campus MSU. Follow her on Instagram: marissrusso and Twitter: @marissrusso 
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