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Date Ideas For Some Much-Needed Quality Time With Your Partner

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

Spending quality time with your partner is so important when trying to maintain a happy and healthy relationship. Being a college student, life can get busy and stressful pretty fast, so it’s important to squeeze in even an hour or two in a week to have some fun with the person you love. Here are some easy and affordable date ideas around East Lansing for some quality time with your partner!

Relax at Constellation Cat Cafe

The Constellation Cat Cafe in East Lansing is an upgraded coffee shop that you and your partner will enjoy if you are animal lovers. You can enjoy drinks ranging from coffee, tea, milkshakes and more in a quaint setting. In a separate room, you and your partner can pet and play with rescue cats. It’s a great way to destress and enjoy a nice treat. If you fall in love with one of the cats, you’re able to adopt!

Travel to a Cider Mill

If you or your partner have a car, you can drive to a nearby cider mill to enjoy the fall season. Uncle John’s Cider Mill sells fresh cider and donuts daily, which is a delight you don’t want to miss during the fall. If you’re 21+, they even have a taproom and store to enjoy a variety of hard cider options. On their website, they have a calendar with events scheduled for everyone to enjoy.

Have a Blast at Pinball Pete’s

If you’re into retro arcade games, Pinball Pete’s is the place to be. This is a perfect place for you and your partner to get a little competitive and play all sorts of games that remind you of your childhood. They’re open late almost every night, and the vibes are unmatched when you hit the underground arcade later in the evening. There are games for both you and your partner to enjoy ranging from pinball, basketball, air hockey, dancing, racing, and even redemption games.

Study at the Minskoff Pavilion Together

This idea might surprise you, but for those of you who have incredibly busy schedules, it can be a great way to squeeze in quality time with your partner. Minskoff is one of the nicest spots to work or study on campus, and it’s easy to book a private study room to enjoy each other’s company, get work done and motivate each other. My boyfriend and I have studied there together a few times, and we also love to grab a bite and drink at Panera on the first floor to make the experience even better.

Visit an Animal Shelter

If you or your partner are dog lovers like I am, an animal shelter is the perfect place to relax and show all the dogs some love. The Capital Area Humane Society in Lansing has so many dogs, along with cats, birds, rabbits, and guinea pigs to hang out with. It’s actually proven that interacting with animals can decrease stress, so it’s a perfect way to spend some quality time with your partner, petting and interacting with your favorite furry friends at the animal shelter!

These ideas provide a variety of options for you and your partner to certainly find something fun you can do together and enjoy each other’s company!

Nikita Shetti is a Senior at Michigan State University studying Applied Engineering Sciences with a concentration in Supply Chain Management. She is an avid dog lover, who also enjoys travelling and trying new foods.